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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday 3 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –you have a tendency towards wastages at the moment, and that is an impulsive behavior in which you are yourself trying to create that stress from your side
Day special – the other side of the grass is always greener, that is why you think that alternatives may be very lucrative, but that is not the reality the way you think
Vrish –your resolve to make money is going to be advantageous, but side by side you are not able to hold on to those gains the way you want
Do –you will have to take care of your health, especially if there are stomach related problems then you have to be all the more careful
Don’t –don’t forget that financial stability and profitability is there, but wastages will have to be controlled especially if you are yourself willing to create those wastages
Mithun –changes are there on your mind and you wish to bring those changes in your studies or in your work, that is why you are inclined to take big decisions also in the process
Day special –travels may also be there on your mind and you wish to get the financial advantage out of it, for that reason lot of carefulness is needed because many things are not known to you
Karka - planning towards home or property can be advantageous, for that reason financial prosperity is well indicated and you will be benefited
Do – work related involvement is needed in many ways, funds may have to be arranged for that which will give you rewards
Don’t – don’t forget that relationships can also build up the way you want, especially such opportunity may be there at your work place also
Simha – work related pressure can be immense which you will have to handle, but your forcefulness and optimism is high and you want to take it as a challenge
Day special – your efforts may be pointed but they do not seem to be in the right direction, that is why there are too many factors of stress and obstacles continuing side by side
Kanya – generally lucky and auspicious period which will give you abundant gains, but you are not able to appreciate this goodness and you are not satisfied in the process
Do – look at the goodness around you and you will be benefited, especially the factors of support which you are getting from your own people is remarkable
Don’t –don’t forget that any kind of change may not bring the desired results, don’t also ignore the views of your boss as they are important
Tula –you are yourself creating those factors of stress and pressures for yourself which are not needed, you will have to therefore become very mild and only then those things can be improve
Day special– personal life matters are also stressful for that very reason, you will have to therefore take positive steps on day to day basis to improve this situation, for that you have to try and understand the needs of others
Vrishchik - some love relationship can be strong and you wish to take those thoughts forward, but you are stressed as to whether people who are important will support you or not
Do –psychologically therefore you are not as stable as you should be, that is why there are many issues disturbing you also
Don’t –don’t forget that stress in work place will have to be avoided, lot of care is needed which will help you to achieve that goal
Dhanu –happiness from home and family is indicated, even to the extent that luck is supportive and favorable in many ways
Day special – your own positive attitude is helping you immensely, for that reason you are able to contribute positively towards your happiness and well being and that is a blessing
Makar – work is motivating you to work hard and to achieve success, and that is something which will help you in your financial stability as well.
Do - personal life issues will have to be handled more carefully, there are factors of problems in that which need constant care
Don’t – don’t forget that your own performance will have to be improved so that you achieve success, don’t therefore show any instability of your efforts
Kumbh –financial angle is very well placed and it is a very lucky situation, for that reason your own motivation and hard work will give you the desired rewards
Day special – your supporter and well wishers are likely to help you in your efforts, you have to therefore remain positive towards others in your views as well
Meena – there may be hidden obstacles which you may have to face, you may even have lack of trust for your own performance and abilities in the process
Do – communicate with others and you will be benefited, but that has to be done by removing the stress from your mind
Don’t –don’t forget that your own self confidence can be very positive, that will help you to protect your wastages in the process also, therefore think rationally before taking your next step

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