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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday 6 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your financial position will help you to gain a lot of self confidence, for that reason you will be able to speak out your views and convey them effectively.
Do – Some love relationship can also shape up in strength which will make you happy; this strength will also help you to fulfill your desires the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t become too aggressively rigid in a manner that people may misunderstand you, for that reason whatever you say to others must not lead to any pressures in any manner.
Vrish – You may be right in your thinking and that fact motivates you to work hard further, but that kind of feeling should not lead to any kind of rigid behavior from your side.
Day special – Any kind of change of place or change of circumstances will have to be done with care, especially if your loved ones or your life partner wishes so then you must consider all related factors associated with it.
Mithun – Financial prosperity is indicated and source of funds from many avenues can be available to you, but the best advantage is that your hard work is showing.
Do – Wastages are indicated and you are not able to hold on to your funds judiciously, that is where your impulsiveness is playing its role.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any kind of thought connected with change will have to be done considering all options, especially if you are taking any decisions in haste.
Karka – Not only this period is favorable for professional goodness but also for financial prosperity, with that kind of focused involvement you can achieve a lot.
Day special – Not only your money will be judiciously used towards your work but your own knowledge, skills and your education will help you to grow, all these factors indicate that luck is with you and helping you immensely.
Simha – Your own people in home and family are supportive towards you and that will give you a lot of happiness, but still you have to keep a lot of stability and a balance between personal and professional life.
Do – There can be many factors in work situation which requires careful handling, many rapid changes may be occurring which may keep you uneasy.
Don’t – Don’t take any big step or big change connected with your career, don’t also let your focus get diverted from your goals and aspirations in life.
Kanya – Financial angle may be strong and stable and there is nothing adverse, but many kind of obstacles may suddenly occur which may keep you pressurized.
Day special – Any kind of change may seen very lucrative, but there may be hidden issues and obstacles which require lot of planning.
Tula – You will have to understand others and connect with others, that is the only way to reduce your psychological pressures which you are carrying.
Do – There are also hidden factors in which there may be intrigues against you, especially if there are issues at your workplace you will have to be all the more careful.
Don’t – Don’t forget that these very pressures can lead to differences of opinion as well, any misunderstanding which is created out of your own thinking will have to be protected.
Vrishchik – Conflicts in personal life or marital life will have to be avoided, you cannot become too strong and forceful in your emotions and your views.
Day special – You must understand that in any relationship which may be shaping up you will have to maintain your honesty and pragmatism towards your own people; you must not therefore become too rigid and start creating conflicts from your side.
Dhanu – Relationships are important and care towards other is important, that includes your loved ones, your children and your parents as well.
Do – Peace in home and family is required, and you have the ability to do so if you keep your patience.
Don’t – Don’t neglect your health on day to day basis, there is need for you to understand this importance and maintain a sense of discipline in your eating habits.
Makar – Personal life issues are well indicated and there is stability and happiness in that, relationships are becoming strong but you may have many thoughts which you are trying to hide from others.
Day special – In personal life many hidden obstacles may crop up, but you are trying to maintain a balance between your love life and your family life.
Kumbh – Your hard work is indicated as you are highly motivated; you are also getting adequate help from others to take your life forward.
Do – Gains in the form of financial prosperity as well as happiness is indicated for you, this can be from your family or well wishers or even from your investments.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any hindrance crop up in this goodness, especially if you keep your mind peaceful you will be able to do this from your side.
Meena – Financial prosperity is indicated and there is nothing adverse, you may even be inclined to get funds from various sources to build up your empire.
Day special – Your own increase of knowledge will help you to plan judiciously and work towards your goals, and this effort must become a regular pattern from your side.

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