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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thursday 5 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are being too forceful in your expressions that you are showing your distress in the process, you may be worried for financial pressures and losses also.
Day special – Still this is a period which may bring many gains for you from home or property, and that is making you so strong in your views, but you may not be able to hold on to those games also.
Vrish – Your efforts can actually bring lot of benefit to you in the form of success and growth, but you are also side by side getting into a phase where your uneasiness is growing.
Do - Financial prosperity is indicated well and you will be happy with that, but this financial goodness is not reflecting in terms of your savings in any manner and that bothers you. Wastages will have to be avoided and changes will have to be controlled.
Don’t – Don’t increase your liabilities in any manner, that can indirectly put pressure on you which needs to be reduced.
Mithun – You may be remembering many past incidents which keep on bothering you, but in the process you are harming yourself by your own extremes of thinking which is not required.
Day special – On one hand your own performance will help you to bring success in your career, on the other hand you are making this situation highly unstable with your extremes of thinking, some kind of balance is needed which will protect you from thinking in terms of extremes.
Karka - Your positive attitude will help you to gain substantially in life, but side by side you are now also getting worried because your financial needs are increasing.
Do – Luck is favoring you immensely but your own involvement is lacking, that is why the sustained ability of this model is not as fruitful as you think.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that this is a good period for your career, you will have to therefore involve fully and wholeheartedly so that you are able to reap these rewards.
Simha – Professional work is strong and pressurizing, you have the ability but you are not using it in the right direction and that is why your pressures are showing.
Day special – There are too many conflicting thoughts on your mind, and they have this tendency of being wasteful also as you are not able to bring about those changes to your advantage.
Kanya – Financial angle is highly stable and to that extent you are blessed, worries and apprehensions of your work are reducing but you may still carry those patterns in your mind.
Do – You may be inclined to help others fully but that can indirectly cause pressures on you also, therefore it is needed that you must remain peaceful in your mind and not complicate your issues.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that the overall prosperity is likely to help you and benefit you, that will bring lot of happiness in your personal life with which you will be able to connect with others wholeheartedly.
Tula – Work related patterns are such that your commitment is total, but the flow is such that it is a period of challenges which requires your care in many ways.
Day special – Your own rigid ways can lead to differences and problems, that is where you will have to take adequate care and not get into conflicts from your side.
Vrishchik - Stable and supportive period which can benefit you in your personal life, you are committed towards your own loved ones and that is a remarkable thought which you carry.
Do – Relationships in general are vibrant, your own children or your loved ones are ever supporting and giving you the happiness which you deserve.
Don’t – Don’t still get into a pattern in which you start thinking negatively about others, this will have to be protected over a period of time as you cannot spoil the stability which you have created with lot of effort.
Dhanu – Psychological stress will have to be kept under control as there is no reason for that, if you start thinking in terms of extremes then it is not going to help.
Day special – Worries connected with health is not as valid as you may think, there is ample amount of protection which you must understand and which is therefore you to understand.
Makar – Relationships are strong on your mind and they are further motivating you to take your steps forward, but your own ways are very unstable in which you take two steps forward and one step backward.
Do – In any thought of emotions which you carry you have lot of self created doubts on your mind, that is the negativity which is attached to you at this moment.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that your abilities are immense but they need a direction, for that reason your knowledge, skills and your work also requires constant focus which you must maintain.
Kumbh – Home is important and that is where your heart is, but you cannot measure that goodness in terms of money in any manner.
Day special – Monetary rewards are as such stable and there is nothing to worry, but giving undue importance to that can lead to psychological conflicts in your mind which can spoil your personal life relationships.
Meena – Work hard and you will see the rewards flowing, as such this period is giving you lot of self confidence which will help you to achieve lot of success.
Do – Overconfidence is a kind of negativity which can bring undue obstacles, that is where your protection and care is needed.
Don’t – Don’t doubt your own abilities under any stretch of imagination, you must remember that a lot of careful balance is needed between your personal and professional life which will help you to grow and achieve that lasting success.

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