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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thursday 19 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressed because this period shows unnecessary differences of opinion, you are also worried whether you can accomplish all that which you desire.
Day special – The entire pattern is making you pressurized and uneasy, some amount of depression is also creeping in and that is something which you will have to control.

Vrish – Relationships are not working out the way they should, in fact more of distance is emerging and that is not giving you any happiness.
Do – You will have to remain very peaceful and not expect too much at this stage, for that reason you must also try and connect with others as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t yourself think in terms of extremes, don’t try to create rift in relationships in any manner, don’t also be wasteful in your expenses.

Mithun – Personal life issues are generally stable and rewarding, you may also get rewards or profit from home or property.
Day special – Despite these good indications you may not be as happy, but this is something which is connected with financial issues and financial conflicts.

Karka – Your efforts are pointed towards your work and your career, and that can be a remarkable situation to give you the advantage.
Do – You still have to control your dissatisfactions and outburst, routine kind of issues will always be there which you will have to be taken in your positive stride.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that work can be a very strong situation and you may get benefited as a result, you will be able to arrange funds for your work also the way you want.

Simha – Financial angle is very well indicated and there is overall auspiciousness connected with your prosperity, even in home and family there is goodness which you can get.
Day special – But somehow your own thinking is becoming such that you are getting dissatisfied and stressed, especially from your own people your expectations are high and that is where the entire problem lies.

Kanya – Work related pressures are indicated and you are yourself giving undue importance to small issues, that is where your own thinking is playing its negative role in many ways.
Do – By your own thinking you are creating obstacles for yourself and that is not looking good, you will have to depend on your own efforts and involvement and not expect anything from others.
Don’t – Don’t also feel stressed on account of financial matters, this is a passing phase and very soon your issues of financial nature will be resolved.

Tula – Luck may favor you as far as the relationships are concerned, but luck may not be supportive of you if you plan for changes as there may be very hidden factors which you will have to consider.
Day special – It is therefore essential that you talk to others and connect with others, but that will have to be done by removing the stress which you are carrying on your mind.

Vrishchik – Financial angle is such which requires constant planning, for that reason carefulness is the keyword which you will have to remember.
Do – Apprehensions which you carry on your mind are made up in the mind, you therefore need to understand the bigger implications behind this so that you are benefited.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that work is your strength and that should be carried forward with conviction, don’t give unnecessary importance to small issues here and there which can actually be forgotten.

Dhanu – There are several reasons in personal life which require care, even where your knowledge and skills are needed you will have to involve more to make your career strong.
Day special – Personal life issues are stable but stressful, you will have to therefore keep a lot of peace and patience and not let any tension create any psychological problems for you.

Makar – Personal life issues are such which require regular involvement, luck may become favorable to you in you efforts if you think in a positive manner.
Do – Remove the stress which you carry and which is not required, that will protect you and give you the desired happiness the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall happiness is with you, but you will have to create that happiness in your mind as that is where your problem lies, don’t also neglect your health in the process.

Kumbh – You can study well and work hard, that will provide the auspiciousness and open up the doors of success for you.
Day special – Work related confusions or dissatisfactions can actually motivate you to work more, that is how you have to function and perform and you will see that your own well-wishers and loved ones will be supportive to you in strength.

Meena – Gains are indicated for you and for that reason adequate support is also indicated for you, you have the necessary competence but you are not able to take full advantage of that.
Do – Trust your own abilities and you will be benefited, and by doing so your overall auspiciousness will emerge and will make you strong in your views.
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive in what you convey to others, showing your care and concern for others is also very essential.

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