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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday 9 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking more about yourself and neglecting your professional situation at this moment, even your wastages will have to be controlled side by side.
Day special – You may be keen to invest your money in property also, but you must remember that you have other responsibilities to fulfill which requires a lot of careful financial planning.
Vrish – Your ability to study well and to work hard will help you immensely, there has been a deficiency in that for a while but now situation is gradually improving.
Do – Your new found focus can bring out best in you; you must therefore nurture your talents as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t be too wasteful in your ways as that will increase your pressures, hold on to your money as that is important.
Mithun – Financial prosperity is indicated and gains are indicated from many ways, but this may still not be the right time to invest as there are many hidden problems continuing side by side.
Day special – This may be the right period to keep your money in the bank, as your gains are improving you will have surplus money in the form of savings which can be safely kept with you.
Karka - Your self confidence is high and that will help you to improve your deficiencies, and there has been a deficiency in which your own involvement has been lacking for a while.
Do – Now is the time to improve all that and focus on your efforts, your knowledge will increase and will help you to make your destiny.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall pattern of professional prosperity is indicated, your success is indicated which may lead to your promotion.
Simha – You are being too forceful in your decision making and that can lead to many arguments, that is why a lot of peace is required if any discussion takes place.
Day special – You must remember that your own thinking may be unfair towards others if you get into arguments, you may even create loss or harm for yourself in the process.
Kanya – Financial prosperity is well indicated and you are becoming very practical in your approach, this may include your careful thinking and planning which you wish to do.
Do – You wish to improve your financial resources and utilize them properly, for that reason your careful financial planning is helping you in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that relationships can show patterns of ups and downs, you may think that your friends are supportive but they may actually be indifferent towards you.
Tula – Work related situation may seem stable as you may think that there is no worry, but there are many forces which need to be understood more carefully.
Day special – There are many hidden factors which are leading to your increased expenses or losses, for that reason any alternative at this stage may not be as good.
Vrishchik - Luck may generally be favorable to you and your efforts may continue to be rewarding, but you are also getting into a pattern in which there may be more of conflicts which needs to be protected and handled with care.
Do – Depending on your own abilities will be helpful, if you have any particular ability or talent then there should not be any instability in that, you may have to improve that with your constant hard work.
Don’t – Don’t be too forcefully rigid as it can lead to pressures and problems, avoid any kind of conflict at any point.
Dhanu – Overall pattern of stability is indicated which is helpful, but your thoughts are hovering towards your career also which is a cause for concern.
Day special – You may have to keep your self cool and wait for a while, thinking too much on matters which are irrelevant today is not going to help you in any case.
Makar – You have honest and trust for the people around you on whom you can trust, your discussions and your efforts may lead to lot of auspiciousness in the process.
Do – Your positive outlook is going to be helpful in many ways, but your own thoughts must remain stable in the process.
Don’t – Don’t also forget the need to connect with your partners as much as possible, any love relationship may have lot of problems connected with that.
Kumbh – Weak period as you cannot push your thoughts forward in any manner, there can be pressures and losses which need to be controlled.
Day special – Any kind of impulsive thought for any particular view point is going to be disadvantageous, what may remain helpful is your positive focus and thinking which will have to be improved further.
Meena – Relationships are generally stable and positive, despite some obstacles you wish to take those relationships forward and take bigger decisions connected with that.
Do – But you must remember that the time has not yet come to take any such step for a while; you must therefore wait and not let things get complicated as a result.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect too much from your own people at this stage, your expectations may not be fully met and therefore you must stay connected with your own abilities which must take your priority.

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