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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday 29 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are worried for your savings and your financial commitments, so much so that you are becoming careless in what you are saying.
Week special – There is an indirect impact on your relationship as a result of your worries, that is where your own carefulness and protection is needed.

Vrishabh – As a result of your dissatisfactions you may take wrong decisions, that is why there is need for you to think very rationally and think about the stability factor as well.
Do – This is a period in which you may even create expenses or losses for yourself, that is where your peace and patience will work if you are careful.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that options or alternatives for change if they are on your mind must be decided very carefully, you must not jump to conclusions in any haste.

Mithun – Someone may try to cheat you and put you in difficulty, especially in travel or in any kind of changes you will have to be all the more careful.
Week special – Financial angle is generally stable and rewarding, gains from work are also indicated very well, but any financial disputes or differences of opinion is not good for you at this moment.

Karka – You may get the gain of money but you may still be dissatisfied, that is why you have to understand that you may have financial responsibilities on you to fulfill.
Do – Work related situation is generally stable and rewarding, your motivation is high and you are able to perform also very well, this must be continued.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that if there are possibilities for you to arrange money from borrowings then you may even consider that, but its proper utilization is essential as your routine outflows may still be high.

Simha – Work related dissatisfactions may be there on your mind, but you have to look at the bigger picture in which the circumstances are very well placed for you.
Week special – Although your involvement in work is remarkable still you may have to protect your image, especially in trusting others you will have to use your carefulness that the intensions of others are not wrong.

Kanya – There may be pressures on you on account of which you may be thinking of problems only, especially where any expenses or outflows are indicated you will have to show your carefulness all the more.
Do – Your efforts and involvement may become directionless and wasteful, that is where you will have to keep track of what you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t as a result take any financial decision which may prove to be difficult in the long run, your carefulness on that will prove to be beneficial also.

Tula – In personal life as well as in professional life you have many worries and many challenges, that is why you will have to depend on others and trust others as much as possible.
Week special – People around you may be supportive but there can be lack of trust in any way, even your boss may be critical of your views and that is where your own thinking will have to be improved.

Vrishchik – You are not able to trust your own people and that is why this period is continuing to be stressful, for that reason your uneasiness is increasing and making you pressurized.
Do – Health is also a factor which indirectly is bothering you, and if there is any lack of diagnosis then your problems are all the more.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect these issues in any manner, moving forward each step at a time will eventually help you to plan for your future.

Dhanu – Any kind of dispute is not desired and you will have to take additional care on that, people who are important will have to be given their importance as that is your duty.
Week special – Emotional angle and cooperation in home and family is adequately placed, but if you continue to have dissatisfactions on your mind then the problems can increase.

Makar – Problems in some love relationship will emerge, because there is lack of understanding and that is how the overall situation is placed.
Do – Your own people and well-wishers can be highly supportive, they will also understand your position at this stage and try to bring you out of the problems.
Don’t – But don’t still expect any miracle or magic at this stage, you must understand that relationships are always very fragile and they have to be protected with lot of patience.

Kumbh – Personal life issues you such which require lot of careful handling, your efforts are remarkable and your involvement towards others is visible.
Week special – You must therefore continue to work towards your goals, which may include your personal and professional life and also your relationships which you wish to carry.

Meena – You are not able to make adequate efforts towards your desires and fulfillment of your dreams, there are also factors of uneasiness and pressures which are building up with people who are important and that is where your problems are increasing.
Do – You will have to communicate and that must be done carefully, you must convey your thoughts in a manner that relationships are not spoiled.
Don’t – Don’t show your anger or don’t show your dissatisfactions in any manner, if you maintain your own honesty and goodness then there is nothing which cannot be resolved.

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