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Monday, May 12, 2008

12th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are trying to do a lot for your family, but this should be without conditions, in doing so you have to avoid conflicts within the family
Do – one motive is life is to gain happiness, you can gain that if you do something for others without expectations, whatever you do in life must be without doubts about others
Don’t – don’t be selfish in your motives, this planetary position makes you so, avoid this attitude don’t be over sensitive as it becomes a nature
Your efforts to achieve in life are remarkable, this will lead to prosperity as well as creativity in you, far off travels can be avoided at this stage
Day special – despite good efforts you think that you can do better, this is more so with students who wish to increase knowledge, one small step forward can make the difference
Financial prosperity is with you like a blessing, that makes you careless in expenses, some far of linkages and travels can bring financial prosperity to you
Do – shed your fears and anxieties, they are all unfounded and made up in the mind
Don’t – don’t show your anger even if you are dissatisfied, what ever you speak don’t be sarcastic in that, that can convert in your friends also into enemies
Stable period with no real worries, routine pressures can bother you, they can be in the form of routine expenses and routine stress
Day special – your negativity lies in extremes of thinking, being sensitive all the time does not give happiness, you are getting worried about your profession,
Stressful period for various reasons, expenses are high and needs are more you are worried for health related reasons also
Do – many virtues with you, profession is stable and commitment is praise worthy, despite ups and downs students are doing well for achieving their goals
Don’t – don’t create worries in your mind, rather do something about them, differences of opinion are there, don’t aggravate them by your thinking
Career is stable and financial prosperity is ensured, some concerns about health make take away the gains of happiness,
Day special – don’t speculate or put your money into risk, carelessness can lead to losses, as such your savings are under pressure
Excellent focus towards your career, but worries or pressures are also there, you are not satisfied and that is the problem, your financial position is stable but you are not saving as much
Do – stay focused towards your work, don’t expect miracles, step by step you are moving in the right direction
Don’t – don’t be worried about family or career, god is kind to provide that protection, don’t be worried unnecessarily
Very stable and auspicious period, your own focus needs to be improved, you are not handling your pressures well
Day special – financial position is stable, but pressures will continue, some pressures on account of spouse will continue, handle all this with patience
Stressful period, differences at work place and marriage bothers you, you must have a positive attitude in life
Do – try to showcase your abilities better, that will avoid differences at your work place also upgrading your knowledge will also help
Don’t – don’t think in terms of extremes only, don’t think that luck will give you everything, you will have to work for it also
Routine pressures in your love relationships, marriage also requires lot of involvement, career is stable but boss is difficult
Day special – in relationships trust and commitment is require, lack of trust leads to unhappiness and dissatisfactions only, there is no role of that in any honest relationship
Any relationship can seem to be stable but has inherent problems; hence lot of care is needed especially on psychological front you have to be careful
Do – be honest in your help towards others, being helpful to others will help you at this stage immensely, career needs more involvement
Don’t – don’t be critical in your attitude, don’t find fault in others,
Stable period for you to achieve a lot in life, your creativity can give you immense happiness, that also gives you lot of self-confidence for positive achievements
Day special – some doubts about your abilities are emerging now, you need to improve your performance, even at work place you work is being watched, dissatisfactions about your health can keep you worried

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