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Thursday, May 22, 2008

22th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Generally lucky period and god is kind in many ways, but you are worried for issues connected with home and family as that requires lot of focus, avoid disputes in family because you are not fully informed about the facts
Do – focus better towards your family as they require your help, have positive attitude
Don’t – don’t have doubts about others as that is not the right attitude, don’t let the stability of life get reduced at any cost
Generally stable period but you are stressed psychologically, you wish to do so much in life and the circumstances are not supportive, maintain stability in life and that will give you progress step by step
Day special – don’t be stressed because elders are opposing your views, they are your well wishers and they want you happy, try to appreciate there point of view also
Financial pressures are there and that makes you stressed, routine pressures can also cause upsets, lot of patience is needed
Do – involve towards others and that is your strength, career is stable and well-wishers will support you
Don’t – don’t give importance to money unnecessarily, your needs will be met and that is important, don’t carry frustrations on your mind
Health concerns as there is lack of diagnosis, more than physical health you are suffering psychologically,
Day special –it is generally a stressful period which requires your better involvement, financial position is stable and that will make you happy
Your focus is good towards studies and that is a divine blessing, but you are worried for going away as that can be very stressful
Do – continue to involve towards your career as that is your strength, funds are needed in business and you will be able to achieve that
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts if your views do not match, others are supportive but you are having a negative attitude
You wish to gain from home family or property, the period is auspicious and there is nothing to loose, but your expectations are unfair
Day special – generally stable and happy period, love relationship needs care as it may not work out
By your constant hard work you wish to improve your career, progress in life is dependent on this focus only,
Do – continue to have this positive attitude as this will make all the difference, change at this stage should be avoided,
Don’t – don’t expect others to support your career at this stage, dissatisfactions could not lead to progress in life, don’t do it
Luck may not support you as much as you want, but your own efforts will make all the difference, your spouse is very forceful and you have to accept that reality
Day special – you continue to be depressed and uneasy, this is not making you happy at all, but you have to ignore so many things at this stage
You are worried as many obstacles are there, weak period continues which require lot of care, trust is the backbone of any relationship
Do – be stable and don’t let your mind drift here and there, your own positive attitude will help you at this stage
Don’t – don’t neglect your career and don’t get into arguments, especially financial discussions must be avoided, don’t do that
You are not happy with your marital life, there are differences which bother you, your own involvement is also lacking
Day special – it is better to accept the reality, the weaknesses can be controlled with your own efforts, on it is own nothing will improve, lot of effort will have to be made
Health issues are important, you are stressed because you are not taking care, that lead to weaknesses in your career also
Do – take care of your health as that is important, involvement in career needs to be improved and your efforts must be increased
Don’t – don’t depend so much on money alone, money will come and go but happiness in life is important don’t ignore that from your family angle
There are weaknesses in your own abilities, you have to learn so much more in life to give you the right direction, understand this one fact and you will win the battle
Day special – career is stable and you will benefit from this, your own dependence to increase your knowledge is important, student also must under stand to gain from these forces, you have to make your career and your destiny depends on your efforts

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