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Friday, May 23, 2008

23rd May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Some worries in the morning but afternoon is stable financial position will give you happiness and you are being pleasant to others will give rewards
Day special – don’t be depressed or agitated in the morning as everything will become all right, as the day progresses happiness and harmony will reveal
Have a focused mind in the morning to work hard, that will lead to fulfillment of your dreams, later in the day you will feel very satisfied that circumstances are favoring you
Do – this is a period to devote time for your creativity, that has been suffering and that needs improvement
Don’t – don’t feel frustrated because there are ups and downs in finances, don’t let your own priorities be lost because you are feeling dissatisfied
Pressures on finances because your expenses are high, you are not able to control that and that is a problem, relationships should be more practical and not only for pleasures
Day special – if you involve with your family then differences will be reduced, from your side you are inclined to do that, that is praise worthy
Health concerns in the morning but improvement thereafter, financial position will make you happy and that is your strength,
Do – financial rewards should be based on your committed hard work; dependence on luck can reduce that strength
Don’t – don’t tend to be psychologically stressed as that is a becoming a habit, don’t ignore involvement towards children and your career you need to find in balance
Worries of movement or change in the morning but professional and stability emerges after loot, your commitment towards work is good but the same commitment should increase for your home and family
Day special – hard done at this stage by students will make there destiny, this is a very forceful period for you to achieve and to project your strengths
This is a period of ups and downs in your financial position, in the morning you may be stressed for financial inflows, but gradually during the day luck will support you and prosperity will emerge,
Do – continue to look at the positive side of life, that itself will change the pattern of influences in this period
Don’t – don’t let wastages expenses or losses spoil the goodness of this period, don’t ignore this as this is important
Stressful period because you are not satisfied, despite positive efforts there seem to be pressures which are continuing, this needs careful handling and focused attention towards life
Day special – gradually your self confidence is increasing, coupled with that your efforts will also improving, very soon circumstances will improve
Your negative thinking is the cause of problems, try to look at the other persons point of view also, you will be able to do that with this guidance
Do – involve with others and try to understand others, that will give you happiness and you work will prosper,
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a weak area, don’t think that everything is a problem that is not the right attitude
Stressful period in many ways, your own attitude needs lot of improvement, you have to draw happiness from what ever you have,
Day special – health needs care as you cannot ignore that, protection is there in many ways hence don’t be too stressed
Worries connected with home and family in the morning, you are dissatisfied and that is making your thinking also negative, by afternoon lots of improvement as you wish to change that negative mindset
Do – involve with others as this can lead to a relationship
Don’t – don’t let minor obstacles cause psychological upsets in your mind, don’t be stressed because of monetary issues as they are likely to remain
Health issues may bother you and that needs care, but by afternoon your focus will change and you will be into a very auspicious and lucky period, family happiness and support is abundantly available to you but career needs lot of care
Day special – your own involvement towards others is praise worthy, but protect yourself from losses as that is a weak area
You have to do some thing to improve your knowledge and skills, during the day you will realize this importance and work hard towards that, that is the kind of focus which is required in life
Do – weak areas have to be cared for, that is what you are trying to do, that will make your career stable and give you happiness
Don’t – don’t argue with your boss as that is not required, it can be a self-created mistake and don’t enter into any written communication which may be used against you

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