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Friday, May 2, 2008

3rd May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are very keen to work hard to improve your financial prosperity, that factor is as such well indicated and you will gain from these forces, but psychologically you have to be more at ease with yourself, have lot of self-confidence in you
Day special – this is a positive and supportive period for you, luck favors you immensely in every effort, the biggest focus is towards your on hard work but also take care of your health at the same time
Financial prosperity is adequate and there is no problem, some pressures may be there despite this prosperity because your needs are more and your expenses are also more, don’t spend just because you have to spend
Do – there is some weakness in your creativity at this stage, you must think about all the options and possibilities in a pragmatic manner,
Don’t – don’t let any kind of pressures on your family emerge, you have to fulfill those responsibilities even at the cost of money and effort, don’t ignore that aspect
Your career is very stable but you are thinking about change, this is a forceful thought for gain of money but it should not be done at the cost of causing instability.
Day special – your expectations about money may not be fulfilled as much as you expect, hence changes should not be based on this factor alone, consider the professional excellence as the main reason for any decision
Gain of prosperity is indicated from far of linkages as well as your efforts, generally lucky period but don’t be so firm in your attitude, don’t be so egoistic also
Do – this period requires a lot of positive thinking from your side, you career is suffering because you are not devoting as much time towards it, do that now
Don’t – don’t let routine pressures cause upsets your life, have lot of patience, don’t ignore the fact that your business needs your involvement as well as monetary investment
Career is stable and there is nothing to worry, but psychologically you are stressed because that has become a habbit over a period of time, this stressful period and attitude will also change very soon,
Day special – yourself from any kind of differences and conflicts, they may not be based on reality, ascertain the facts before you make any decision
Very stable period for happiness in home and family, even professional prospects are very well indicated, it is a very auspicious period for all this to be achieved, financial situation may be stressful but that is a passing phase
Do – involve towards your home and family and gain as much happiness as this indicates, god is there to protect you in every way
Don’t – don’t be stressed on account of financial pressures, plan well and try to resolve this situation in an intelligent way, wasteful expenses must be controlled, your boss may be very firm and against you protect yourself from that
You are stressed on account of changes and obstacles, there may be routine pressures but they causing stress on you, financial inflows are stable but savings are not possible, that puts pressure on business investments also
Day special – routine pressures should not be allowed to effect your health, continue to constantly stay focused towards your life, your family and children need your support and care
Routine pressures are there which cause stress, profession is very stable but you need to be very humble at this stage, constant hard work is required to maintained your image and your professional well being
Do – do continue to stay focused towards your work, emotional involvement can be strong but can cause upsets in your marriage
Don’t – don’t depend on luck at this stage it may not favor you, sudden upsets or hidden upsets may continue to stress you protect yourself from that, don’t think of changes in your profession at this stage, they can cause undue problems and even conflicts, don’t get into that at this stage
Generally stable period but stress in career and in marriage well be there, avoid difference of opinion because you are too forceful, try to understand the other persons point of view also
Day special – lot of protection is there but emotional affairs and marriage needs lot of care, you cannot leave things to chance, you have to work towards these weaknesses and avoid these pressures
Differences of opinion in a love relationship can be stressful, you are depending on home and family for support on this, but lot of obstacles can be there which are not looking very good hence you may have to rethink on the relationship aspect
Do – do have a positive attitude as the forcefulness in your life will increase now, you may going for higher studies and plan for that at this stage, even if there are obstacles
Don’t – don’t plan for any change for your career at this stage, it is better to wait for awhile and for that have some patience for the time being, change in itself does not mean that it is going to succeed, pressures from family also need to be controlled for this
Very stable period for students to prosper and get this advantage, you have to increase your hard work to achieve your goals, marital situation is happy and you have to maintain that happiness
Day special – with these improve times gain happiness in your marriage, you have to shed the lack of trust in marriage and that will be achieved in the days to come,
Very positive and stable period for you, your hard work will actually benefit you to achieve even out of conflicts, gain of money through loans be possible, but repayment of loans must also be considered, any love relationship needs careful handling for which you must discuss the differences with your partner
Do – travels with family can bring happiness, health concerns also need care and investigations
Don’t – don’t ignore your studies at this stage, your hard work at this stage can actually lead to your settlement in life, don’t ignore the importance of time management

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