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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

28th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your desire and dreams are very high, but the focus is lacking, your abilities are excellent
Do – involve better and work hard, you speaking and writing abilities are excellent,
Don’t – don’t be confused as that will not lead to success, you own efforts are less, don’t let that happen
You are depending on luck and luck will support you, but you are not convinced whether it is possible
Day special – excellent period for your focus to be just right, all kinds of happiness and prosperity is with you, there is no need to depend on luck or venture into risky decisions
Weak period as you are very confused, because of that your decisions are also not right, financial dissatisfactions may be there
Do – strict to your work and be satisfied, that is one way to be thankful to god
Don’t – don’t be frustrated and don’t use hash tongue, don’t take major decisions as this stage as they can go wrong
Weak period as you are dissatisfied, excellent period for financial prosperity, but you are dissatisfied with the support of others
Day special – your own focus towards life needs to be improved, that will make you satisfied and happy, expectations must be match with adequate efforts
Your mental thinking leads to conflicts of mind, you have to be stable to control dissatisfactions
Do – excellent period for professional prosperity, personal life is under stress, that needs to be improved
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts with partner or spouse, the conflicts are not based on factual information, find the facts before getting agitated
Health concerns may bother you, you are suffering more mentally than what is required, conflicts in love relationships can lead to differences
Day special – be nice to others and help others adequately, your friends your relations all need better understanding from you
You are not happy in your personal situation, that gets reflected negatively at your work place also, it is all made up in the mind
Do – have lot of patience and be at peace, you will get lot of happiness from some relationship, work area remains weak, do something about it
Don’t – don’t be too stiff in your attitude, you think that everything is all right, but don’t neglect the reality of life
You are not able to complete your work, you are dissatisfied about your own efforts and performance
Day special – depend on others to help you, you cannot fulfill everything alone, you have to delegate work and authority to others
Your concerns are connected with finances and your creativity; you think that there are negative pressures on these
Do – have a focused mind because nothing is really wrong, you are thinking too much and that is the problem
Don’t – don’t expect that money can solve all your problems, actually the situation is stable but requires lot of patience, don’t ignore that
You are confused and uneasy, financial position is weak and that bothers you, you are not able to control your expenses
Day special – you strength is lies in your career, boss may be difficult but you have made many mistakes also, protect yourself from self-created mistakes
Weak area for your outflows, wasteful expenses are on account of your uneasiness, your strength lies in the support which you get
Do – draw happiness in your personal situation, everyone is supporting you fully, routine pressures have to be ignored
Don’t – don’t let your career weaken under any situation, that requires careful handling, don’t ignore that
You are dissatisfied about your monetary position, confusions will lead to conflicts and conflicts will lead to losses
Day special – protections comes from two ways, one is your strength of career, the other is your focused hard work, god is kind to give you this protection

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