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Friday, May 9, 2008

9th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not satisfied with your career, now you are trying to improve the weaknesses, but lack of interest can still be there
Day special – if you create interest in your work your performance will improve, that is the astrological guidance for you at this stage
Whatever you speak at this stage shows some frustrations on your mind, desire for change and desire for improvement is on your mind, but you are not able to achieve that fully, it is advisable to be calm and humble
Do – work related with home family or family partnership can be helpful, circumstances may be weak but support father and take that support in return
Don’t – don’t spend without planning and don’t travel without planning
Stressful period for you, wastages and losses can be there, routine pressures are also there, but career is the biggest strength, your supporters and well wishers are with you
Day special – you may gain from far off linkage, you have to watch what you eat as that can lead to health problem
Psychologically you are getting isolated from others, you are not trusting others and that is making you dissatisfied also, financial prosperity is adequate but business takes up all those gains at the same time
Do – involve towards others and take their support, even if there are differences, still take steps from your own side
Don’t – don’t let any weakness creep into your profession, these are slow influences which need to be protected, don’t let anyone cheat you by influencing you in any manner
Your uneasiness can lead to health related pressures also, dissatisfactions have to be controlled, if you have to live in this world then you have to trust others also
Day special – financial position is stable, but you want much more from life, patience is the key work and you will get everything, your own hard work has to give you everything
Generally your work is stable, but there are weaknesses in your abilities, you have to upgrade your knowledge and skills, student also must understand their need to study and work hard
Do – your focus is towards work and earning money, it is a good thing but involve towards help family to draw the happiness from them
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts with boss, that can lead to stress in your life and career, if you follow this advice you will be able to protect yourself
If your remain unhappy with home and family then it will not help, gains from others should be based on practical approach, as such it is a stable period but career remains stressful.
Day special – you may be unhappy but you still have lot of protection, routine pressures of work cause pressures, relationships are very rewarding, gain from your friends and well-wishers
Stress regarding property is removed now, but your own hard work needs to be improved, mental stress is not a good thing, it can lead to health problems also
Do – your constant involvement will improve your attitude; positive thinking has its own role, try to develop that
Don’t – don’t ignore the stability happiness and harmony of your married life, this is a period of stress which needs care, don’t doubt the intensions of others
You are stressed about your marriage and your finances, wasteful expenses recontinue to bother you and that is a concern, think of all the alternatives with lot of care and without differences of opinion
Day special – you are being too forceful and too egoistic, in marriage or in relationships try to understand the other persons point of view, god is kind in many ways
Stressful period for health concern, proper investigations are needed for any treatment, find exactly as to what you want from life
Do – Studies are suffering because your focus is not right, uneasiness of thinking and depression has to be removed
Don’t – don’t be stressed about home family and property, it may be a weak period but everything will be all right, don’t be pessimistic
Wasteful expenses or losses bother you, now you have understood the whole situation, but psychologically it may take time to come out of the pressures
Day special – financial position remain strong, god is kind on that, because of confusions don’t do any thing which may be negative towards your profession
You expectations from others are high but the achievement from others are lot of to your satisfactions, financial position may be stressful but career is stable, you are only thinking about negative things and that is why you are not happy
Do – do involve towards your family and well-wishers, that will reduces differences and conflicts
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts, if there is any then going for proper discussions and resolves those issues, talk over about your differences as that will help you

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