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Monday, May 19, 2008

19th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very lucky period as many things are under control, some erratic changes or out flows can still be there, but that is not something which is adverse, god is kind to provide happiness in marriage but you are not involving well towards family
Day special – you family supports your care more than ever before, you have to keep a positive attitude, your spouse is very spouse is very supportive to give you happiness
Weak period as many obstacles can be there, financial prosperity is ensured but health concerns can cause upsets, family and children are very supportive and wish well for you
Do – take care of your health and not ignore this, constant care is required for improving your health, some family business can also be considered
Don’t – don’t let your efforts reduced at this stage, from your side don’t do any mistakes
Strong period for some love relationship to prosper, you wish them convert into marriage, parents are supportive of and on, but from your side your focus is praise worthy
Day special – you have to be very cool at this stage, getting into anger or speaking hash words will not help, the forces suggest that you will make mistakes
Family related disputes can bother you, your focus should be towards your career and not towards any disagreements, financial prosperity is ensured and there is no cause for concern
Do – control dissatisfaction of your mind as that is not going to help, luck is on your side in any case and you will gain from it immensely
Don’t – don’t get into family or property disputes at this stage, your career needs involvement and don’t ignore that
Your efforts are towards improving your studies, students can benefits from these indication immensely, inherent obstacles can still be there but with your constant effort you can improve those also
Day special – financial prosperity is ensured, business needs funds and you will be able to provide those adequately, god is kind in many ways but changes or travels should be avoided
You wish to invest in property, even financial supportive towards your family will help, a period of happiness and satisfaction
Do – your concerned about finances as there are pressures on that, your savings are under threat and that bothers you immensely, plan your funds properly as that will help you, professional situation is stable but changes should be avoided
Don’t – don’t get into problems in any love relationships, children need lot of supportive and that is what should do
Your focus towards life is excellent, you will do wonders with this renewed focus and positive attitude, but your career is something which is suffering because of your negative thinking, that also must be improved
Day special – life is a mix of ups and downs some pressures in some area of life are always there, in this period your career needs lot of involvement
Financial prosperity is ensured but expenses bother you, these expenses are of auspicious nature and should be happy to do them, as such your financial inflows are stable and there is nothing to worry
Do – routine stress and obstacles in career have to be avoided, proper planning is required as pressures are continuing
Don’t – don’t get into negative mode of thinking, marital happiness is paramount, don’t ignore that fact
Excellent prosperity for you in this period, negative thoughts about differences of opinion must be avoided, love relationship needs lot of care and involvement
Day special – pressures in work place need to be handled better, even boss can be against you, you cannot be so forceful at this stage, avoid conflicts and avoid problems, be stable and continue to work hard, your luck is dependent on your hard work and that is supporting you adequately
You are thinking about changes in your career, but stability is more important then changes, any alternatives must be considered carefully,
Do – involvement towards home and family will help you, you are not satisfied in that area, thinking negatively on that will not help
Don’t – don’t take any big decision without proper planning, that should include changes or travels, proper planning will look in only the support or protect you from unexpected upsets
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, but career needs lot of improvement as that is a weakness, your efforts are very supportive but don’t have a fighting attitude
Day special – generally stable period as you will get support from others adequately your support is also praise worthy and it is a two way traffic, hidden obstacles in love relationship must be protected
You are worried for you career but this is a psychological angle, sudden upsets towards your savings and accumulated wealth as there can be pressures on that, funds are needed for children education and their needs
Do – have a positive attitude as many things are under control, your career is stable and family happiness is there, some minor disputes need to be avoided
Don’t – don’t ignore the needs of your family and your children, especially for this studies don’t ignore your responsibilities

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