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Sunday, May 25, 2008

26th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You continue to be unhappy, you have to find satisfactions in your work, the pressures on you are because of your own mistakes
Do – involve well in your career and in your family, this entire situation is lacking from your own side
Don’t – don’t depend on luck because that can lead to losses, as such your financial position is stable but your professional and personal position is weak, don’t let the goodness be taken over by the weaknesses
Doing well is one expect but finding happiness from that is quiet another that is what not you are doing, your personal situation is stable and your professional situation is stable, but you are still unhappy
Day special – you are constantly thinking about dissatisfactions only, travels or far off linkages may not give you the desired results, for got about that for the time being
Pressures on you but that will be resolved soon, by afternoon you will be happy that everything will stable, but you have to create that stability in your mind also
Do – your own efforts are lacking and that is the problem, you are also too incline for bringing about changes, do all this with careful planning and not the way in which you are doing
Don’t – don’t ignore your marital life as well as your career, both these need your care and you will increase that care now
You are thinking too much and that is not the right thing to do, that can lead to pressures in home and family and especially in your marriage, by evening you will be thinking about conflicts only, try to moderate your own attitude
Day special – financial position is in the form of protection, many dissatisfactions can be controlled if you are financially stable, still your career needs lot of involvement and there is weakness in that
Stressful period continues, focus shifts from self to children, they are doing well but they need your support
Do – if you make your mind stable then this is a peaceful period, understand this and you will solve many problems, health issues because you are psychologically unstable
Don’t – don’t think in terms of extremes only, the situation is not as bad as you make it in your mind, god is kind in many ways, don’t depend on luck as that can cause upsets and losses
Don’t expect too much from some love relationships that may not make you happy, but favorable developments may take place afternoon
Day special – it’s a favorable period in which uneasiness leads to stability, as they progresses lot of goodness will appear, but you may still remain stressed for monetary inflows, protect yourself from wasteful expenses as that is essential
Your dissatisfactions at home reflects at work place, even at work place you are not performing fully, this weakness will be realized soon
Do – by afternoon you will realize this weakness and perform better your own efforts will make the difference
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk as that is a great weakness, conflicts with elders or seniors will not weakness, don’t be stressed all the time
The period of uneasiness is almost over, you will rip the benefits of strength of your chart in the evening, stress in marriage and stress of work will be resolved soon
Day special – as the times are changing you don’t have to be upset, have some patience and good times will come soon, but your own involvement needs to be improved in any cause
Financial pressures and dissatisfaction continue, but family happiness will be ensured in a large way, your own goodness in your own strength, maintain that
Do – professional stress will be removed by the end of the month, your boss is not supporting you and that will take time to resolve, stay focused as there is nothing adverse, you will not loose in many way, stay calm and every thing will be all right
Don’t – don’t be stressed about marriage or career, that stressful situation will improve soon, therefore don’t be dissatisfied at this stage
Weak period continues, changes or options are heavy on your mind, but you are undecided in weak period decisions will be postponed
Day special – strength is in your abilities, far off opportunities may not give you the desired results, hence don’t expect miracles in life, stay connected with your on work
You are unhappy and that shows, health is a concern and mentally you are dissatisfied also, work pressures can be immense but financial position will become stable
Do – focus towards your speaking abilities, that should have lot of mildness and humility, that will help you immensely
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, that is a real situation, don’t risk your money in wasteful expenses, that is not require
Monetary dissatisfactions continue, but the focus has to change towards your work, you will be able to accomplish that
Day special – as the day progresses you will think about your work and that is important, that will give you happiness and prosperity

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