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Sunday, May 4, 2008

5th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Good period for happiness and prosperity, excellent support from spouse, favorable period for financial well being also
Day special – you family needs your care and support, you have to do it as your duty, don’t expect anything in return, god is kind to you to give you this opportunity
You are very keen for changes in life, but career needs lot of stabilities, change of residence is possible, but proper planning is required
Do – travels are on your mind, but take care of your health also; benefits from far off places may not be as many
Don’t – don’t ignore the need of your involvement in a committed manner, don’t have any unfair thoughts in any relationship
Gains from far off places are on your mind, in any love relationship stay committed to one partner only, honest approach will help you
Day special – in monetary affairs differences can emerge taking help from your elder brother may not prove to be helpful, avoid taking loans
Auspicious period, gains of money and investment are indicated, you can consider investment in property also,
Do – under the needs of your business investment also, only then make financial commitments,
Don’t – don’t be careless in any way, financial pressures can built despite financial prosperity, your routine expenses are also high and commitments are also there
Favorable period for hard work giving rewards, financial prosperity indicated, own focus is praiseworthy, god is kind in many way
Day special – don’t depend on luck, don’t put your money in risky venture, you boss is very supportive take advantage of that
Very auspicious period generally, but pressures will be immense, don’t bring about any changes, stay focused and stable
Do – stability is the keyword; stay committed to what you are doing,
Don’t – don’t plan any changes at this stage, otherwise psychological pressures will be there, don’t risk your money in any investment which can lead to losses
Excellent focus towards home family and marriage, gains from all these are indicated, draw happiness from them
Day special – constant care towards career is needed, don’t loose interested in your work, nothing can be more unfortunate then that
You are thinking of many changes in your career and life, very positive changes can be achieved, but lot of pressures can be there
Do – involve slowly as one step at a time, small steps taken one by one lead to giant leagues eventually
Don’t – don’t be stressed, routine pressures are there, you are dependence on luck is not valid, don’t do it
Avoid differences in any luck relationship, lot of peace it required, financial prosperity is ensured,
Day special – avoid differences in marriage don’t invest in anything for which you are not fully aware
Very auspicious period, happiness and stability is ensured, spouse and family are supportive, your attitude is also be becoming positive gradually
Do – you spouse needs funds you have to do it even if you don’t like
Don’t – don’t be critical in your attitude towards others, these can but pressures on you only, gradually things will improve
Very auspicious period for rewards from efforts, family happiness is ensured in a big way, business related travels can lead to pressures
Day special – career needs lot of involvement, psychologically you have to be more at peace, financial prosperity is ensured, drive happiness from that
Stressful period, dissatisfaction and obstacles connected with money, obstacles because you don’t trust others
Do – keep a lot of patience, remain calm and don’t be unease, career is stable involve in that
Don’t – don’t get into any financial dealings for a while postpone them at this stage, travels connect with family needs can be there

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