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Friday, May 2, 2008

4th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Something must be done to improve your studies now, planetary forces are becoming supportive for that, shed your dissatisfactions,
Do – do have trust in your self and your abilities, your creativity is in speaking well, improve that
Don’t – don’t spend all the time in relationships, a better balance is required in life
Going away will not solve concerns of family, you have responsibilities which you have to fulfill, travels may prove to be stressful
Day special – you are very keen for change of place, but this is more in the form of desire than reality, your well wishers may not support your moves fully
Your own performance and efforts are lacking, still god is kind to give you gains, thoughts about far off places may be an illusion, create interest in your work
Do – honest relationships will give you happiness, have honest thoughts and desires about others in your mind
Don’t – don’t try to cheat anyone, don’t be hash in your attitude, be pleasant towards others
Your are dissatisfied with your work, your profession needs greater involvement, financial position is strong, your business also needs lot of involvement
Day special – you are trying to achieve well but the attempt is half hearted, routine pressures and stress may continue, studies are also suffering
You are not satisfied because of differences of opinion, work remains stable, but luck is not on your side, avoid disputes
Do – best period to involve towards your career, but it should be with a positive mind set, your hard work will pay dividends
Don’t – don’t get into disputes without ascertaining the facts, others are supportive to you but you are not realizing that
Weak period generally, pressures and losses can be there, far off places may not prove to be as lucrative
Day special – stay connected and committed with home and family, that support is essential and will help you, you have to be more creative in your thinking
You are worried for your financial position but this is a false worry, inflows are stable but savings are under pressures, it is more of a dissatisfactions then a reality
Do – you can gain from your creativity at this stage, your friends can be very helpful but you don’t trust them
Don’t – don’t expect huge profits from earlier investment, be practical in your approach
Stressful period for your career, this period requires lot of hard work and positive attitude, don’t be stressed and dissatisfied
Day special – your own performance needs to be improved, financial position is stable and will remain so, marital relation need lot of care
Your involvement towards your love relationship in a big way, your approach is honest and praiseworthy, but have a lot of patience
Do – avoid differences in marriage and work place, worries for change of place can be there avoid them
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts at your work place, your forcefulness makes other uncomfortable, don’t let that happen
Worries connected with home and family, partly you are responsible, others are also unfair, patience is the only keyword,
Day special – pressures on finances continue, expenses are high, savings are under stress, inflows are also average, accept these realities
You are trying to do so much for others, yet dissatisfactions and uneasiness remain, career needs lot of hard work and focus
Do – involvement towards family will solve many problems, not a period to risk your money
Don’t – don’t ignore your career, in weak periods you efforts must be improved, that is the prize which you pay for being stable
While taking any loan look at the terms and conditions, let no one cheat you on that, don’t take loan of wasteful expenses
Day special – health is all-important, don’t ignore that fact at all, proper investigations are essential, career is stable and give you happiness.

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