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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

15th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried for your studies, lot of diversions of mind, better focus is needed towards life, involvement towards family needs improvement
Day special –don’t let any conflicts bother you, peace and poise is needed at this stage, you have adequate support from others in many ways
Excellent period for happiness and prosperity, any love relationship must have honesty from your side, don’t have unfair thoughts to harm others in any way
Do – You think that others are not supporting you as much, you also think that others may have unfair motives on their mind, the first step is to change your own attitude, try to do that
Don’t – don’t think negatively all the time, God is kind to give you many virtues in the form of blessings, don’t ignore that goodness and blessing
Entire focus is on far off linkages, travels movement and pressures, but all this is in a positive sense
Day special – Pressures are there and obstacles are there, but that is a way of life, what is life if there are no struggles, as long as needs are met one should be happy
Your positive involvement can bring enormous gains to you, your thinking is positive and that is important, routine pressures have to be controlled and avoided,
Do – involve more towards your career as that needs your involvement, that also needs your investment, but the foremost thing is to remove stress from your mind
Don’t – don’t be worried because there is protection in many ways, family happiness is ensured and that is a blessing, but don’t ignore your need for health care
Excellent period for involvement towards your career, that will make this period very auspicious and happy,
Day special – Career will become stable with your involvement, but happiness will lewd you because you are getting too stressed, avoid stress as it is not required,
Don’t create situations which may lead to conflicts, that can put your career also under pressure, change is not recommended unless you are pushed into that situation
Do – Committed involvement towards work is essential, don’t think about monetary returns at this stage, involvement towards work is more important
Don’t – don’t let differences emerge because of your own weaknesses, your own abilities need improvement, don’t ignore that effort at this stage
Stress on account of financial pressures, your needs and requirements are more firmer that puts pressure in business home and family, even some ups and downs in friendships can be under stress
Day special – Understand that this is a stressful period which requires lot of care, don’t let any conflicts or differences spoil the stability, the problem lies in psychological pressures, control them
Pressures in career will start showing, this is a brief period and will improve soon, luck is with you in many ways but dependence on luck is not good
Do – Involvement towards home and family will benefit you the most, pressures in marriage needs to be controlled, stay calm and don’t be stressed
Don’t – don’t let negative thinking overpower you, don’t let expenses on pleasures lead to taking loans
Focus towards career will bring excellent results, some stress can be there but that can be controlled with your involvement, the same goes with marriage as that also needs a lot of involvement
Day special – Luck supports you in many ways, it is linked with your own attitude and efforts, that is the power of positive thinking in life also
Very auspicious period in many ways, even your boss who was against you will start supporting you, your own mistakes have to be avoided, as such there is lot of improvement in your attitude
Do – continue to involve better towards relations and any love relation despite stress you will be able to draw happiness from this
Don’t – don’t ignore your family and your marriage, lack of trust will not help, career is stable and that is where your happiness lies
Stressful period in many ways, stress in career has to be controlled the pressures are only psychological and not real, if you handle your situation well a love relationship can lead to marriage also
Day special – this is a period to take lot of care and not ignore anything from your side, have a very positive attitude and you will not go wrong, help others and others will help you, remember
Stress in home and family is emerging, that is not looking good and you are stressed, pressures on account of differences and monetary issues, that is partly causing pressures in your career also
Do – involve well and try to avoid differences of opinion, family needs have to be met even if there are pressures, you have to understand your responsibilities
Don’t – don’t ignore the need to improve your performance, that is suffering because of other pressures in life, that is the weak area which needs better involvement from your side

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