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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

20th May 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent period for professional and financial prospect, but you are dissatisfied and worried, some needs for you to improve your knowledge and skills
Do – try to work for improving your abilities, students must work towards career making and to improve speaking abilities
Don’t – don’t be distressed as it is not needed, you are thinking too much in your mind and that is causing worries
Very favorable period for overall prosperity, health happiness and well being everything is protected, profession is particularly stable and you must gain from this situation
Day special – everything is stable but your mind is towards business partnerships or associations, you are not satisfied with that and that is the cause of concerned, still family happiness and support is available to you
Health related concerns and expenses are there; sudden upset can cause uneasiness and dissatisfactions
Do – you have to involve more and protect yourself from these weaknesses, running away from responsibilities will not help, change of travel is not recommended
Don’t – don’t ignore the health angle, there can be lack of diagnosis investigations or treatment, don’t anchor expenses on pleasures
Love relationship is bothering you as there are dissatisfactions in that, many upsets and oppositions can be there even from elders
Day special – even in career there are weaknesses and that needs to be improved, your own focus is lacking and that is causing all these pressures, financial stability is ensured and god is kind to you on that, but protect yourself from the weaknesses which are many
Oppositions and differences of opinion can cause pressures on you, even in home and family these differences can cause agitation of mind
Do – involvement towards family is to be improved, avoid differences leading to disputes as that will not help
Don’t – don’t get into any wasteful expenses because of your dissatisfactions, protect yourself from losses also as this continues to be a weak period
Studies are suffering because your efforts are lacking, your are dissatisfied and there are too many diversions of mind
Day special – career is stable and that is your strength, but your own abilities need to be improved by constant hard work, that is a weak area which needs to be addressed and improved
Very auspicious period for your well being, family happiness and love relationships prosper, financially stressful but your efforts will improve that situation
Do – keep your focus positive as there are weaknesses in that your are being too stiff and that is not required
Don’t – don’t be stressed as you seem to be dissatisfied, being sensitive and having frustrations will not help, this period supports your hard work, don’t ignore that
Stable period for professional achievements, your efforts will be rewarding, name fame and recognition from far off places, routine pressures continue
Day special – in your career advancement you must take support from elders, people are willing to help you in every way, financial prosperity is ensured but don’t be too sensitive in your attitude
Generally stable period but psychologically you are under stressed, work related stress is there but lot of protection is also there, protect yourself from differences of opinion in marriage and at your work place
Do – involve well and try to appreciate the other person’s point of view, be pleasant to others as that will help
Don’t – don’t think of changes or alternatives as they may not give expected results, stay focused as there is lot of protection as such
Pressures on finances continue, career is stable and your abilities are well recognized, dissatisfaction in home and family may continue,
Day special – matters connected with money need to be handled carefully getting stressed will not help, stay committed to your work and don’t make mistakes from your side
Protected period for you but expenses need to be controlled, career is weak and lot of involvement is required, even differences are work place can cause upsets
Do – take the help of family friends and supporters in every way, weakness in profession has to be compensated in other ways,
Don’t – love relationship is stable but own attitude is making it weak, don’t do that as will make you unhappy
Financial stress as wastages can upset you, savings are also not adequate and that is another cause for concern, generally weak period which requires lot of patience
Day special – the strength lies in your constant hard work, that should be for family involvement for children and for your career, don’t get into any dispute with your elder brother or sister

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