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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday 12 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very focused towards your work and towards your responsibilities, that is why you are putting your heart and sole into your work and achieving the rewards also
Do – In all this goodness you have to maintain harmonious relations with others, that will protect you from any kind of misunderstandings side by side
Don’t – Don’t let your present focus get reduced on account of any confusion or apprehension, that is not required as you must take full advantage of these forces which are present at the moment
Vrish – Luck is favoring you because you are able to take care of your own people, that is indirectly bringing lot of good luck to you in many ways
Day special – This period is also helping you to learn a lot and upgrade your abilities further, you are able to utilize your time very well and that is a big advantage
Mithun – Your own focus is getting reduced and that is why you are thinking negatively also, for this very reason a lot of carefulness is required at this stage
Do – Protect yourself that your money does not get stuck, as such you are not happy or satisfied with that situation and further set back can be upsetting
Don’t – In any kind of discussion don’t lose your temper as it can be used against you, don’t therefore make this mistake as you will have to blame yourself for that later
Karka – Money may be required to fulfill your responsibilities towards your own people, those may include your family members as well as your well wishers or friends
Day special – Doing anything for others at this stage should be a whole hearted attempt, you cannot get unhappy or disillusioned at the same time while trying to help others
Simha – You are yourself getting into situations which can lead to misunderstandings, for that reason psychologically also you are getting more and more stressed
Do – Keep a lot of patience and understand the views of others, that will help you eventually
Don’t – In any kind of discussion or dispute don’t get into any kind of verbal fight as that can be harmful, for that reason also discussions have to be carefully handled, don’t go wrong on that
Kanya – In emotional relationships or love relationship your desires are very intense, you wish to move forward at any cost and achieve what you wish to achieve
Day Special – There are inherent factors of stress and pressures, your own people or your elders may not be supportive of your views and that is the cause of differences
Tula – You are very keen to invest your money judiciously at this stage, your thoughts are very pointed in this regard and you wish to achieve that at any cost
Do – You must understand that funds position needs to be planned well, there are various types of outflows which have to be met
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people and your own children may be requiring those funds in a big way, that is also a big responsibility which has to be fulfilled
Vrishchik – Your work itself is motivating you enough to move forward in life, for that reason people who are important must be given their due respect at this stage
Day special – Rewards at this stage may be unstable, but rewards are there nevertheless, that itself is a blessing which you have at this stage
Dhanu – Very lucky financial inflows are there for you, auspiciousness in this regard is abundantly available to you in many ways
Do – Your own boss or people of importance can come forward and help you immensely, that can open up the goodness for you abundantly for which you have to take advantage
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any kind of confusion overpower your mind, you have to look at the goodness and benefit from that
Makar – Pressures can be there in many ways at this stage, but side by side lot of protection is also available to you which will help you abundantly
Day special – Your dependence on luck can actually benefit you and lead to rewards, that kind of auspiciousness is there with you for which you have to be thankful to God
Kumbh – Your own people can be critical about your views and that can pressurize you, that is not making you happy and the stress is increasing
Do – Even if there are weaknesses at this stage you have to stay peaceful, by thinking negatively or thinking of problems you cannot solve the issues
Don’t – Don’t have any unstable thoughts from your side, show a lot of patience and maturity, that will help you eventually
Meena – Various issues are on your mind which can stress you, most important is the factor of misunderstandings with people who are important and from whom you want to take advantage
Day special – You may have to spend some money to please others, that may not make you any happy but that is a requirement which you may have to fulfill

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