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Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday 16 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Excellent period for financial prosperity, luck is favoring you immensely to achieve your goals and to move forward in life
Do – You have to protect yourself from wastages and losses, side by side this negativity is attached to you which needs to be curtailed
Don’t – Don’t carry unnecessary stress or apprehensions on your mind, look at the positive aspects and you will see that many things are under control
Vrish – Your work may require funds and that can be an indirect stress which you may carry, but as such your psychological make up is such that you are thinking of everything to be a problem
Day special – There are many factors which are supporting you immensely, and most important is your own involvement in work which can do wonders, that is the goodness with which you must remain attached
Mithun – Very auspicious period and luck is favoring you immensely, your personal relationships as well as your work are moving in a strong manner and there is nothing largely to worry
Do – Some amount of routine pressures can be there on your mind, for that reason you may make day to day mistakes which need to be avoided
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own abilities need to be sharpened further, there is scope for that improvement which can actually benefit you in the long run, for that you have to remain aware and vigilant
Karka – Luck may not favor you as much as you expect, for that reason you are getting into pressures and those may include from your elders and superiors as well
Day special – Psychologically this is a period which requires lot of patience, as only then you can maintain your own focus and involvement which is required especially towards your own people
Simha – Relationships are strong and there is nothing adverse in that, but you will have to take the views of your own people and convince them in line with your own thinking
Do – Generally you are supportive towards others and appreciate their views, but this is a moment when your own people may not think in line with your own thinking and that can stress you further, that requires some careful handling
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget to take the blessings of your elders at this stage, their views may have some hidden meaning which can prove to be advantageous to you, don’t forget that
Kanya – Personal life can be a bit stressful as you are not able to handle your affairs carefully, you seem to be too involved in some relationship which you wish to carry forward as your mind is hovering towards that only
Day Special – As a result you are getting into stress and conflicts with your own people, you are also forgetting that a lot of involvement is needed in your work and to make your career, you must therefore spend each minute of your time judiciously as you have so many things to accomplish
Tula – Your efforts can prove to be highly advantageous, with each step forward you are moving towards accomplishment of your goals which is so important at this stage
Do – Patience is required in relationships otherwise you can get into misunderstandings, that is where some carefulness is required
Don’t – In whatever you speak or write there can be some hidden pressures or confusions, that is where you have to communicate clearly and without any doubts on your mind, don’t forget that
Vrishchik – Generally stable and auspicious period, you are likely to stay connected with your own people, with your family and loved ones, that will provide the happiness which you require
Day special – Change of place at this stage is not really required, you have to maintain the stability of your life which will provide that happiness which you are targeting, that is important to understand
Dhanu – Your motivation at this stage is remarkable, your own people are also helping you to work hard and to achieve your goals
Do – Luck is favoring you immensely but psychologically you have to be more upbeat, you cannot carry unnecessary stress of apprehensions on your mind
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is need for you to take your career forward, that can be done with your focused involvement which is very beautifully placed at the moment, don’t forget that
Makar – You are thinking of changes and many alternatives at the same time, you are also wanting to increase your financial prosperity at this stage
Day special – Your efforts are in the right direction but certain wastages are also seen side by side, you are a bit confused and dissatisfied that is why the real focus is not emerging, lot of improvement is needed there
Kumbh – Your financial position is remarkable and that will please you, overall auspiciousness is intact and God is kind to you in many ways
Do – From your side and as far as your expenses are concerned you have to be careful, routine kind of day to day expenses are increasing which are causing unnecessary pressures on you
Don’t – Don’t forget that in all this goodness your own efforts are also getting reduced, that can lead to some misunderstandings at your work place which need to be protected, don’t forget that
Meena – Overall pattern is somewhat stressed, you are not happy with your work nor with your overall situation
Day special – That is why you are thinking of alternatives all the time, but you are also aware that staying connected with your present situation can lead to enormous benefits from your home and family and that is something which is important to you, you have to therefore take very careful decisions

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