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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 24 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are a bit too uneasy and confused, that is why routine issues of day to day nature bother you more
Do – You have to increase your own involvement in whatever you are doing, that will remove the uneasiness which you carry unnecessarily at this stage
Don’t – Don’t get into unnecessary pressures or differences on day to day issues, that can lead to unnecessary conflicts which are not actually required, don’t let that happen
Vrish – You are worried that there will be bigger obstacles in life, for that reason you are creating stress for yourself both psychologically as well as for financial reasons
Day special – You have to understand that the underlying support and protection is immense, there are many issues which are under control and which can be used to your advantage, don’t therefore unnecessarily pressurize your mind on trivial matters
Mithun – You have to trust others, that single factor can provide a lot of goodness to you in many ways
Do – Psychologically also therefore you have to speak very politely to others, by whatever you speak you have to show that you trust and you care
Don’t – Don’t let your personal life or your family life get disturbed because of pressures or problems, you must understand that most of these issues are made up on your mind and not real, don’t therefore speak angrily to any one at this stage
Karka – There may be some health related issues because you have been neglecting your health, for that reason you think that some harm may come to you
Day special – Even if you are thinking of some major changes or decisions it may not be advantageous for you to do so, you have to therefore understand that maintaining stability is more important than getting mentally stressed
Day special – You are neglecting your health on account of your eating and drinking habits, that is why you feel that there can be immense problems for you at this stage, these factors also require care from your side

Simha – Personal relationships are not moving smoothly, you wish to take them to the next level but somehow there is lack of trust in many ways
Do – You are also getting into unnecessary arguments at this stage, those arguments can get heated and lead to pressures and problems in many ways, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t let financial issues come in between your relationships, that can lead to more of distress, don’t therefore let any one cheat of money and lead to pressures as well

Kanya – You are carrying certain apprehensions and doubts about your own people, that is leading to unnecessary pressures on you and creating upsets in your work also, but you have to change your own thinking for that
Day Special – Try to trust your own people, that will pave the way for goodness in many ways,
Tula – You are yourself not satisfied about your own efforts and performance in life, that is why you remain de-motivated and disillusioned
Do – There is need for you to upgrade your efforts and also to increase your own motivation, by doing so you can actually benefit yourself and move forward in life
Don’t – Don’t think that luck has treated you unfairly, it is your own efforts and conviction in life which makes your own destiny
Vrishchik – You may not be as happy with your savings, for that reason you remain dissatisfied also at times
Day special – These very thoughts motivate you further in life, that can help you to achieve much more and you should take it as a positive thought
Dhanu – You not only carry lack of trust for others but you carry lack of trust for yourself also, for that reason you sometimes carry negative thoughts to harm others also
Do – Be nice to others and understand their viewpoint also, especially in any kind of discussion this thought is very essential to understand
Don’t – Don’t think that you have been cheated by life, for that reason don’t try to cheat others also in the bargain, that is not going to help
Makar – Your own thinking is leading to your own wrong decisions, that is another reason that you incur losses and move in an unplanned manner
Day special – Indirectly all these factors put you under stress and lead to difficulties, psychologically also you remain depressed for these reasons only, this needs to be improved
Kumbh – Your dissatisfactions start with money and end with relationships, but in the bargain you stand to lose on both these factors
Do – Protect yourself from these thoughts, by thinking like that you are getting away from people and spoiling your own relationships, that is where protection is needed
Don’t – Don’t try to be secretive in relationships, by doing so you are actually harming yourself in many ways, don’t let that happen
Meena – You want major changes in life because you are dissatisfied, for that reason you are unhappy also in your personal life
Day special – Creating any kind of hidden relationships is dangerous, it may not lead to any advantage in the long run and you will stand to lose, don’t therefore keep anything hidden in any way from others

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