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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 11 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Excellent period to use your abilities and knowledge and put them into your work, that is the goodness that you can make your career and move forward with that auspiciousness attached to you
Day special – As such luck is favoring you in many ways, but you are a bit disillusioned or dissatisfied as a result of your dependence on luck which is not actually required
Vrish – Your own people can provide the goodness and help in many ways, that is a highly auspicious period which can even support your relationships
Do – To take full advantage of these good times you have to shed your negative thinking, because that is reducing your focus unnecessarily and that is where protection is needed
Don’t – Don’t forget that some stress and pressures can be there in work as well, but that is a situation which needs to be taken as a challenge, you have to provide funds for your work as that is an essential requirement
Mithun – You are not performing to your own satisfaction, that is why people around you or who are important are not very happy with your performance also
Day special – If you depend on the support and help from others then you can be actually benefited, but you have to do that with lot of patience and without having apprehensions on your mind
Karka – Your own money can be under stress because your routine expenses are high, for that reason you may feel dissatisfied also side by side
Do – Take adequate care in whatever you speak, especially in matters connected with money your discussion should be based on facts and not hearsay
Don’t – Don’t expect to raise money or take loans as it may be difficult to come by, you have to therefore keep your patience to handle your present situation from your own sources
Simha – You are yourself getting into stress and differences of opinion, that is where lot of peace and patience is required, especially on monetary matters this is required
Day special – Emotional relationships are stable whereas you are dissatisfied, you are making up many thoughts in your mind which are not actually real
Kanya – Stress in work can be there if your own knowledge or skills is not supporting you, that is where some improvement is required at this stage
Do – Protect yourself from unnecessary pressures in your home and family, in any kind of discussion you have to show that pragmatism which will help you
Don’t – In personal relationships or some love relationship don’t show ups and downs of your own thinking, show stability of mind and that will help you
Tula – Funds may be needed for your personal requirements of home and family, you have to provide that to draw the goodness and to support others
Day special – Your own efforts can be stable but you have to show lot of maturity, remaining dissatisfied will reduce that effort as that is not required
Vrishchik – Work related motivation is immense, routine kind of pressures keep you stressed but that is also a reality
Do – In whatever you speak you have to show a lot of patience, by doing that you can provide the necessary goodness for your own people which is required at this stage
Don’t – Don’t show any impatience in whatever you speak, handle your situation very carefully and pragmatically, don’t go wrong on that
Dhanu – Luck may favor you immensely in your work, but that goodness has to be sustained in many ways by careful handling of your issues
Day special – In any kind of discussion you have to understand the views of your boss, that is the only factor in which uneasiness can be there, your communication should be clear and understood by people fruitfully
Makar – Certain obstacles are continuing to be there which are not making you happy, for that reason this period becomes weak and stressful for you
Do – Handle one thing at a time and control your expenses, avoid getting into difficult situations in discussions and differences
Don’t – Don’t be depressive in your attitude as that is not going to help, you can control all these factors with lot of patience
Kumbh – Your own people may get away from you and may not provide the necessary support, for that reason in some love relationship also people are getting away from you unnecessarily
Day special – All this is leading to stress on your mind, but your overall well being as well as your elders can provide the necessary support which is required at this stage
Meena – Stress on money matters can lead to complications, for that reason any connection of money with work also needs to be handled carefully
Do – Planning for any changes at this stage can lead to more frustrations, you can actually benefit by keeping your patience at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that getting into conflicts in your personal life can complicate the matters, you may gain financially by such conflicts but you may not get the appreciation and support which is required more than money

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