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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday 18 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – On one hand you are very focused to work hard and to achieve your goals, on the other hand you are losing your self-confidence and getting upset, that is where you are torn between these two extremes
Do – The first and foremost thing to achieve is to make your mindset positive, only then your good efforts will start giving you the positive results
Don’t – Don’t forget that a lot of auspiciousness is attached to you in the form of divine blessings, but you will have to control your impulsive expenses and impulsive decisions at the same time
Vrish – Extremely auspicious period in many ways, but you are still worried for your finances as you have to meet your needs and requirements
Day special – Your own abilities to handle your affairs can prove to be very beneficial, for that reason this is a very auspicious period in which luck will favor you and your own abilities will shine
Mithun – Routine pressures can bother you, but the overall flow is stable and without any worries, you are unnecessarily getting apprehensive
Do – Focus on your work in whatever work you are involved, take the guidance of your own people as well as your elders
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is also a period to take the blessings as that can solve many issues, as per our traditional thoughts also taking blessings is very essential
Karka – You are thinking of many changes and alternatives at the same time, you are also thinking of travels to improve your circumstances at this stage
Day special – No major improvement can be achieved for a while, for that reason maintain your peace and patience and maintain the stability of your life, by doing so you will be able to control your stress also
Simha – Weak period as your funds position can be under pressure, you have to protect your financial stability as you have the liabilities to repay
Do – You also have to control your wastages or losses, certain wasteful expenses are also indicated which need to be curbed
Don’t – For that reason don’t get into stress in relationships at this stage, you have to connect with people and understand their views, don’t go wrong on that
Kanya – Your knowledge and abilities need to be improved at this stage, that will help you to establish in your life and to move forward in life
Day Special – You think that people are not supporting you as much as you deserve, for that reason there are even differences of opinion also side by side, but remember that you have to protect your relationships at this stage at any cost
Tula – Luck can favor you to maintain your happiness in personal life, even certain forces for change of place or change of circumstances are indicated
Do – These thoughts of major changes upset you, you are stressed for your own people as you want to be close to your loved ones
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of misunderstandings because of any kind of confusion, in communicating with others or conveying your thoughts you have to be very clear to avoid these confusions
Vrishchik – Overall pattern is stable although you are stressed for work, day to day issues bother you which keep you uneasy and dissatisfied
Day special – Over a period of time you have actually improved your performance in a big way, as a result you are rightly expecting the rewards of recognition and growth, that is something which you deserve
Dhanu – Happy period as rewards from your efforts are indicated, even for that matter the support which you get at this stage is remarkable
Do – This goodness should motivate you further to achieve much more in life, people who are important are appreciative of your hard work and that will give you the rewards
Don’t – Don’t therefore feel stressed as there is no reason for that, enjoy the stability and happiness of this period as that is important
Makar – Luck is favoring you immensely and God is kind in many ways, but in certain differences of opinion you may have to face misunderstandings also
Day special – Your communicating skills are strong and your speaking abilities are remarkable, but you may have to still face the displeasure of someone important or your boss side by side, you have to be careful on those factors
Kumbh – You are not happy with your love relationship as the distance is increasing, you even feel that you have been cheated or used side by side
Do – You have to maintain your own goodness and forget everything else, for that reason you have to speak politely even if you are stressed inside you
Don’t – Don’t forget that goodness is there in many ways, especially on financial matters the divine blessing is with you which will help you to solve many problems
Meena – Gainful period in many ways, you can stand to benefit from home, property or even your own people
Day special – Some amount of wastages are created by your own impulsive ways, that is where you have to change your thinking as well as actions, you have to also be very polite in some love relationship so that you do not hurt someone with what you say

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