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Monday, February 15, 2010

Astrotalk - Feedback

Namskar ji,
You remind of Pd. Moti Ram Ji of Vill. Tuto Mazara near Mahil Pur, Distt. Hoshiar Pur, Pb. Every time I used to go to him and watch him discussing problems with others, I used to say, "Pundit ji, aap nu mil ke har baar lagda hai main Ganga naha aaya. man shudh aur pavittar ho jandan hai." Same thing I feel about you. All the stress gets relieved after talking to you. You are an honest person in this world where people are just mad about money only. They have forgotten our culture, how caring and honest Indians used to be. Thank God still there are people like you. May God give you long life cause parmarth ke karne sadhu dhare shareer.
Thank you so much,
H.S., Oakland, USA

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