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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday 5 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – While you are trying to support others and take their help you are very uneasy and apprehensive, your dissatisfactions lie in the fact that there are routine kind of issues and pressures which you are facing
Day special – The situation is such that it is leading to differences and pressures side by side, as a result of that your own focus is getting lost which needs to be improved
Vrish – Health is an issue which you cannot ignore, even in relationships there are pressures which are causing uneasiness which you are facing
Do – Make yourself very stable in your thinking, you have to understand that your own goodness is intact and your own family is supportive, but you are thinking negatively
Don’t – Don’t risk your money unnecessarily as any decision taken in confusions can lead to upsets, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Relationships are under cloud and you are not satisfied, as such you are creating or getting into situations which are difficult to handle and therefore you cannot expect much
Day special – Postpone your decisions for a while as far as your relationships are concerned, you cannot take unplanned decisions and then repent later as they may not work out, don’t let that happen
Karka – There are many factors in your personal life which are not making you happy, those include your plans for travels as well as far off linkages which are not shaping up well
Do – Try to understand and involve with your own people, that will provide you the necessary direction and focus in life
Don’t – Don’t forget that any confusion of mind can also lead to health related pressures, that is where you are neglecting yourself completely and that is not required
Simha – On one hand you wish to carry your relationships to the next level, but on the other hand you are not satisfied with the overall impact of your decisions and your financial angle as you think
Day special – I feel that you are yourself getting into stressful situations which may lead to conflicts, that is where you have to keep a lot of patience and try to understand the views of others, that includes the views of your boss as well
Kanya – Whatever you speak must not be based on any kind of dissatisfaction, by doing so you are actually risking the stability of your personal life unnecessarily
Do – You are very motivated to convey your thoughts in some love relationship, you have intense desires in that which you wish to fulfill
Don’t – Don’t plan for any major change of place or change of circumstances, they are based on the dissatisfactions and confusions which are causing more of upsets
Tula – Your own performance and efforts are getting reduced because you are not fully convinced with your own ideas, but as far as the thoughts of relationships are concerned you are very motivated
Day special – Even in relationships there are many factors which are confusing and not giving you any direction, for that reason you are getting away from people and getting into differences unnecessarily
Vrishchik – You are not happy with your financial decisions as you are not able to take those decisions firmly, dissatisfactions cannot lead to any pointed direction to be achieved
Do – You are thinking in terms of extremes and your own mind is unstable, that is why you feel that everything is a problem but the problem lies within your own thinking
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily plan for any major moves at this stage, even for travels or for far off linkages you have to keep your patience and then only the right decisions will emerge
Dhanu – While financial situation may still be stable you are continuing to worry yourself and stress yourself, these can be because of your own work as well as the response of others which you are getting
Day special – You are very confused at this stage about what people think about you, actually there are many factors which are helping you in your life, but you are still dissatisfied as to what is the reality
Makar – Your concentration in your work is remarkable, but certain thoughts about dissatisfactions and differences of opinion may bother you
Do – You have to stay focused in your work, side by side you have to give importance to the people who are important so that you are able to take their views also side by side
Don’t – Don’t take any financial decisions out of any confusions, that will lead to unnecessary wastages and pressures which you must avoid
Kumbh – You are not happy with your friends and the way they are responding to your needs, that is where you are feeling uneasy and dejected
Day special – For that very reason your own decisions are becoming a bit wasteful, you have to understand that you cannot think impulsively as it can lead to your own loss
Meena – If you take decisions with dissatisfactions on your mind then your decisions can actually go wrong, you are thinking a bit negatively at this stage whereas that is not the right thing to do
Do – Financial decisions need to be taken very carefully, you cannot increase any risk at this stage unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to create a lot of trust in relationships, that will eventually benefit you in the long run, don’t ignore this important advice

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