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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine day special - 14 February 2010

Mesh – Your relationships are a bit uneasy and unfair towards others, especially in the form of support which you expect, you want your own people to support you but actually your own people are confused as to what you really desire
Do – In relationships you have to be honest and fair in your feelings towards others, that can provide the stability which you want and expect in life
Don’t – Don’t let your own views go through extremes of thinking, sometimes you are very focused and sometimes you lose interest, don’t let that instability appear in your relationships
Vrish – You really want to make efforts to make your relationships more vibrant, you even want to move or travel to please others in this process so that you fulfill your desires
Day special – It is possible for you to convey your feelings to your beloved and that will prove to be very lucky, but you will have to shed the fears or anxieties which you carry while you convey your feelings
Mithun – On one hand you are confused and unsure of your own feelings, on the other hand you are not convinced whether this relationship can be taken further to the higher level
Do – While apparently you may get the support but the hidden factors are not favoring you, there are too many issues involved in relationships which are in the form of obstacles, you will have to resolve them
Don’t – Don’t have any kind of lack of trust towards others, that is not going to help you to take your thoughts forward, don’t therefore have such thoughts on your mind
Karka – Relationships are on your mind constantly, but it is not the best of situation to be in and you are therefore psychologically stressed,
Day special – Carrying this kind of stress on your mind is not going to resolve the matters, making efforts can actually benefit you and help you, but you will have to look at the goodness in relationships at this stage to convince yourself that everything is all right
Simha – While you are reaching out to others and trying to connect with people very well your own relationships are somewhat getting weak for various reasons, psychologically you are very uneasy and very dissatisfied,
Do – You will have to remove these apprehensions and anxieties from your mind, only then you can make your relationships vibrant and draw the happiness from them
Don’t – Don’t get away from your own family in a bid to please others, don’t also lose your temper unnecessarily in any kind of discussion which may be required at this stage,
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period for your relationships to be stable, you are very focused and God is with you to help you and support you in your views
Day Special – Some amount of instability is inbuilt in this situation, but you will have to avoid differences of opinion or misunderstandings at this stage, for that reason you will have to make your own psychological thinking very stable
Tula – You wish to carry your relationships also like a business, in relationships you are thinking of your losses and gains and that is unfortunate
Do – In the bargain you are getting away from your own people unnecessarily, on one hand you want to benefit from your relationships and on the other hand you are losing out on that
Don’t – Don’t let your own focus get reduced on account of these irrelevant issues, you are very emotional and you are very focused to carry some relationship further and that can be a beneficial situation, don’t therefore let it get spoiled unnecessarily
Vrishchik – You are confused and undecided as to which path you should take, relationships are there for you but you are hesitant and not able to speak up
Day special – Your own involvement and focus towards relationship can give you the desired rewards, but at the same time you wish to maintain lot of stability in your life which is also important, you don’t want to risk that stability in any manner and that thought is heavy on your mind
Dhanu – You are very busy in your own involvement of your work and that is why your relationships are suffering, but I feel that you are being a bit unfair in your approach as you are not giving he due importance to your loved ones in relationships at this stage
Do – Take care of someone who cares for you, make that effort and make that first step forward, that will improve the situation
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period requires that you should communicate, you have many thoughts of ups and downs on that and you are not keen to move forward
Makar – Because you are undecided you are yourself getting away from your loved ones, that is why you are not able to convey your feelings also clearly and adequately,
Day special – This is the period to speak out and convey your feelings, you will see that luck will favor you immensely if you be nice to others and convey your feelings with honesty
Kumbh – You are carrying unnecessary fears and apprehensions on your mind in terms of relationships, that is why you are into some kind of psychological conflicts with yourself as to what should be the eventual path for you
Do – In term of relationships therefore it can be your own self-created mistake that you are not able to get the happiness, your overall pattern of your own loved ones in home and family is more important to you are you are able to take care of them
Don’t – Don’t forget that someone close to you is getting away from you on account of these situations, don’t let that happen as you may repent later, don’t let that happen as the period which goes away will never come back
Meena – Your focus towards relationships is linked with your own emotional desires, and you desires are very intense which you wish to fulfill at any cost, but you think that luck is not favoring you as much
Day special – Indications show that you are not able to convey your feelings also fully, that is where you are not doing your part from your side and expecting everything in return, you must remember that God helps those who help themselves, don’t therefore waste time and convey the honesty of your feelings for someone for whom you care

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