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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday 8 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to work hard and you are determined to do so, your performance is improving and you will be able to achieve so much more now
Do – You have to keep yourself very focused at the same time, you cannot let your mind get diverted because of negative thoughts
Don’t – Don’t let your personal matters and your personal relationships spoil your focus, that single aspect can make the difference which will prove to be highly beneficial, don’t forget that
Vrish – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, a lot of happiness is in store for you for which you have to understand a few more things
Day special – As far as your own well-wishers are concerned you have to trust them, at the same time you have to control the impulsiveness of your decisions and your expenses
Mithun – You are creating stress for yourself by your own thinking and actions, for that reason you are annoying many people around you who are important
Do – Basically your own negativity is playing its part, you are becoming a bit depressive in your attitude which needs to be corrected
Don’t – Don’t get into discussions or arguments connected with finances, don’t also change your views unnecessarily after those discussions
Karka – You are able to communicate well and put forward your views clearly, that will help you immensely to remain focused in life
Day special – As far as financial angle is concerned you are increasing your day to day pressures unnecessarily, you have to control your impulsiveness at this stage
Simha – Financial situation is much better and you can get the benefit out of it, but you have responsibilities towards your own people to be fulfilled and that is also important to understand
Do – At this stage you can repay your loans or reduce your liabilities, by doing so you can avoid the inherent pressures which are there connected with those liabilities
Don’t – Don’t get away from your own people in any way, stay connected with them as only then you can get the full advantage and happiness in your present situation
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period to motivate you to work hard, your own knowledge will rise as a result of that motivation and you will be benefited
Day Special – As such a lot of motivation is needed to upgrade your own involvement, there are factors which show too many ups and downs in your involvement as a result of your uneasiness and depressive thinking
Tula – Financial position is stable and you will be very happy with that, you will be able to use those funds judiciously for your own people and for investments
Do – You may not be very happy with your savings at this stage, but the pattern is improving gradually and that will help you in the long run
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to provide for funds for your work, that is also a requirement, don’t forget that
Vrishchik – Routine kind of pressures are immense in your work, you are getting stressed with that whereas you have to draw motivation from that
Day special – Stress of increased work is a blessing, you are chosen by the Almighty for that accomplishment, you have to therefore take it as a challenge
Dhanu – Gains are there for you in many ways, from your people as well as from your work
Do – Your uneasiness is connected with the psychological reason, you are thinking that every step in life is a problem and that is where actually the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t plan for any changes at this stage, you can go wrong and to protect you from that mistake you have to keep lot of patience
Makar – Generally lucky and auspicious period, but you have to take a lot of care side by side
Day special – You have to keep routine kind of pressures of differences of opinion under control, side by side you have to appreciate the views of people who are important and take their advice, by doing so you will protect yourself from pressures of boss also
Kumbh – You are very keen to fulfill your own desires in some selfish way also in relationships, but by doing so you are also creating stressful situations at your workplace
Do – Your work is suffering in many ways, your focus is diverted and that is something which you have to understand
Don’t – Don’t cheat anyone in personal relationships, whatever be your desires to fulfill you cannot be selfish and you cannot be unfair
Meena – Extremely gainful period and you will be benefited, even from your own people you can draw lot of advantage which is indicated
Day special – You can improve this situation further if you improve your performance, you have to keep your own thinking very mild and stress free, there is no scope of depression if you think rationally

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