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Saturday, June 12, 2010

12 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your relationships are strong and you wish to get lot of happiness out of it, you are getting good response also but you will have to understand the weaknesses side by side

Do – Avoid getting into unnecessary discussions at this stage, these may be connected with your old memories or old issues which have been a part of your past,

Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the fact that your own people are important in whatever you wish to do at this stage, you will get immense benefits or rewards also side by side if you remain vigilant and committed, but don’t forget to be flexible in your approach at the same time
Vrish – Change of place is on your mind and for that reason you are trying to come closer to your own people, to achieve that you may have to discuss your matters with an open mind by giving lot of trust to others

Day special – Your thoughts may be strong but you will have to consider all kinds of options which may be available to you, but as far as money is concerned you will have to view the motives of others carefully as someone may take advantage of you

Mithun – To remove any kind of financial differences of opinion you will have to take the support of your documents, but in the process you may come under stress and tensions which will have to be avoided

Do – Financial angle can become stressful because of your increased outflows, you are yourself creating circumstances of loss for yourself on day to day basis which need to be protected
Don’t – Don’t be too stiff in your attitude in matters where money is involved, being flexible in your approach will help you at this stage to understand the goodness of others
Karka – Rewards from your work are abundantly available, for that your own abilities are going to be used to your advantage side by side

Day special – There are certain hidden factors in your relationships as well as in your discussions which are not known to you, you may feel distressed when you realize that someone has used you and that is where you have to protect yourself

Simha – Excellent period for overall prosperity, you have been motivated for changes or alternatives and you have even decided to move forward to get this advantage

Do – While the goodness is abundant you will have to arrange funds for your work at this stage, for that you can consider taking some loan also which can prove to be advantageous,
Don’t – Don’t ignore the views of your elders at this stage, it may seem that they are opposing you but actually they wish well for you at this stage to support and guide you
Kanya – Stressful period because of your own making, you may make mistakes and create losses for yourself unless you are careful

Day Special – Luck may still support you and protect you in many ways, but your own rigid behavior can upset the plans for which lot of carefulness is needed
Tula – Financial angle is stable and there is nothing adverse, but you may not be able to convince others wherever disagreement lies, that includes your boss also

Do – Patience is the key word and you will have to be mild in your approach, especially in matters connected with work you will have to understand the views of others as well
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine issues and routine pressures may still bother you, this may include the pressures on account of changes which are forced upon you at this stage,
Vrishchik – You are seriously involved in your work and that commitment is showing, but in the process you are getting into disagreements also because of your own professional focus to be strong

Day special – If you depend on others and support others you will get added advantage, these may include far off linkages and factors to support your abilities, overall prosperity is intact and you are in advantageous position generally

Dhanu – Luck is favoring you but you will have to avoid stress with your boss, for that reason any factors of disagreements will have to be protected which are of psychological nature

Do – Any changes or big decisions will have to be taken carefully, most important is to take those decisions by removing stress from your mind
Don’t – Don’t neglect your health at this stage, even on the psychological front there can be inter-linkages which may cause more of health related issues also, don’t let that happen

Makar – On one hand you are putting your money into risk and on the other your family stability is also not as good, but you are being too firm and rigid in your views to carry your thoughts forward without understanding their implications

Day special – Emotional relationships are strongly placed on your mind, despite stress and differences you are only giving importance to what you think is right and that is where your entire focus lies, you are just thinking about some love relationship and nothing else
Kumbh – Excellent period for you to perform and to achieve, for that reason your own well wishers will guide you to achieve the growth and help you to move forward in life

Do – Stay connected with your own people and draw as much happiness as you can, financial prosperity is intact and that will help you
Don’t – Don’t get into differences where your own rigid behavior is the culprit, you must realize that your views are not as accurate as the views of others around you, that kind of thinking will help

Meena – You are putting your money into difficulties and misunderstandings, your desire to resolve issues by discussion is also not giving results as you are getting more and more agitated

Day special – You are not using your goodness at this stage which is abundantly available, you are thinking of conflicts only which is causing more of a problem, devote time towards your studies or increasing your knowledge which will help you to achieve your goals

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