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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday 16 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You will gain in terms of monetary inflows as a result of your own forcefulness, you are able to perform very well and that is the goodness which you carry
Do – As such your involvement with your own people is remarkable, you are also keen to invest money in some property which can give you gains
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of unnecessary arguments in home and family, even where you think that you are right you may keep your patience, especially in matters of emotional relationships you will have to think as to what is right
Vrish – Relationships are strong and money is coming to you easily, but this goodness has to be protected as there are many factors of carelessness which you portray
Day special – You can work hard at this stage and focus on your studies, your motivation is remarkable and that can give you success in educational pursuits
Mithun – Change of place is on your mind and that is important, especially on matters connected with your education you will have to take this decision which is to your advantage
Do – In some interview you will be successful, you have the right focus and your path or direction at this stage is stable
Don’t – Don’t plan something which you cannot accomplish, for that reason look at the practical viewpoint in your life which is important to handle
Karka – You are thinking of changes as well as travels, and those efforts can prove to be advantageous for you to give success
Day special – Your own self-confidence is such that you can achieve anything, as such luck is favoring you and rewards from your work are adequate, but you have to protect from wastages or losses where someone is trying to harm you at your back
Simha – You are very keen to put your money in some business venture, and you are so motivated that you are not thinking about the need to plan properly at this stage
Do – Having focused thought on your mind is not enough, you have to execute those thoughts also properly so that you gain, that is where some weakness lies
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too rigid in your approach, there is need for you to take the views of others in terms of decision making, don’t ignore the views of your elders at this stage
Kanya – Very auspicious period in many ways, financial prosperity is indicated and your own goodness is remarkable, work is progressing smooth and you are benefited
Day Special – Financial prosperity is very well shown, but in relationships there is need for you to exercise care otherwise inbuilt pressures can be there
Tula – Depending on luck to an extent that you create problems for yourself is not advisable, as such your commitment is remarkable and that is the goodness which you carry
Do – Avoid thinking of alternatives or creating new ventures, even in your studies carefully think about the obstacles which may come and plan for those factors
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that this period can be turned to your advantage, don’t let routine kind of expenses increase at this stage as that is not advisable
Vrishchik – Stress in home and family is inbuilt, as such financial planning is also very essential for you at this stage
Day special – You may have to spend enormously for your own loved ones, this is a positive period for your children to grow and to achieve in life, that will give you enormous happiness and satisfaction
Dhanu – Work related dissatisfactions can be there, you are also not happy with the financial situation as you think that you are not getting adequately for your efforts
Do – Above everything else psychological pressures are more than what they should actually be, you have to therefore keep yourself cool and have lot of patience
Don’t – Don’t
Makar – Emotional relationships are on your mind but conflicts are also side by side bothering you, you will have to find goodness in your own people abundantly to find peace in your life which is essential
Day special – You wish to carry some love relationship forward and for that you are committed, if you make positive efforts your own people and elders will also support you at this stage
Kumbh – Some kind of involvement is required to remove the stress and pressures leading to differences of opinion, but psychologically you will have to become very flexible to understand the views of others at this stage
Do – Accept the fact that everyone has a valid viewpoint, and you have to give due importance to others in that process
Don’t – Don’t therefore stress your personal life for issues which can be controlled, but constant involvement may be required to accomplish that task
Meena – There are some pressures in personal life and in home and family, those factors are helping you or motivating you to work really hard and improve your circumstances
Day special – As such your abilities are shining and you are working hard towards that, you have the right focus and right path in front of you to achieve success as a result of this commitment which you carry

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