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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunday 20 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are creating pressures and differences of yourself because you have rigidly thought of something in your mind, there may be issues connected with work or finances and all that is leading to differences of opinion
Do – There is need for you to discuss your matters patiently, at least that will protect you from relationships getting spoiled
Don’t – Don’t forget that maintaining peace and harmony in personal life is more important than anything else, in that process you will be protecting yourself from taking firm decisions which may not be to your advantage
Vrish – If you work hard and gain your knowledge you will be duly benefited, students can actually benefit from this effort at this stage and make a path for themselves
Week special – You have enormous abilities in you which must be used in the right direction, for that matter this period is becoming highly supportive and forceful to you, in the process you may be keen to consider some change of place also
Mithun – You are very keen to invest in some property, for that reason your motivation is high and you are even keen to resolve your obstacles also which are there at every step
Do – Thoughts for change of place may actually bother you, but circumstances are built like that and you may have to consider those options also
Don’t – Don’t forget that the eventual growth in life is important, for that you have to give many sacrifices which are important, but don’t forget that this is a positive period to take you forward in life
Karka – Your motivation is high and your efforts are remarkable, despite obstacles you are gaining from these efforts and that is a divine blessing
Week special – Wastages have to be controlled at this stage, rewards are enormous and in the hope of rewards you should not create wastages from your side
Simha – You know that money is important, and money is required by you at every step to fulfill your needs
Do – There are differences of opinion connected with money as well as with your desire for expenses, but your commitment is high and you may not listen to others
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your elders need to be given their due importance, overall factor of relationships need to be handled peacefully and carefully
Kanya – Money will come easily and abundantly, guidance of others will be helpful at this stage but care is needed in certain other areas
Week Special – In work related matters you will have to be careful for any changes, you must remember that the stability and happiness of this period is more important which must be maintained
Tula – You are being too rigid at this stage, you are spoiling the goodness of this period also because of your own thinking, stress and pressures are of your own making
Do – Keep peaceful as you can resolve many things to your advantage, money may come easily and that is the reason that you are making mistakes also
Don’t – Don’t forget that your efforts must remain in a manner that you trust others, otherwise differences of opinion will be there with people who are good in their heart, don’t think negatively about such fair and honest people
Vrishchik – Luck may support you enormously, your own efforts may be the icing on the cake
Week special – The best advantage is still the involvement in your work which you have, your abilities will shine, students will be enormously benefited with their hard work
Dhanu – Psychological obstacles are there which keep you stressed, that is why work related routine kind of pressures may continue and that is the reality which you have to accept
Do – Draw as much happiness from your own people and your own loved ones, but in home and marriage you have to be careful to avoid routine kind of stresses
Don’t – Don’t let your money get into any kind of risk, especially any monetary differences of opinion must be controlled
Makar – You are taking chances and risking your relationships at this stage, but on the emotional front somehow you are getting benefited whereas you are not careful from your side
Week special – God is helping you in many ways, that is a blessing which you carry, but don’t annoy people who are important as tomorrow you may have to depend on them only
Kumbh – Psychological factors are important and they are not as well placed, outflows, losses or even intrigues may bother you at this stage
Do – Work is stable and that is a blessing, financial position is abundantly auspicious and God is kind
Don’t – Don’t still create stressful situations in your personal life, keep your family out of the problems which you create for yourself, only then you can protect your personal life adequately
Meena – Some love relationship is strongly on your mind, but there are inherent problems in that which you are not realizing
Week special – Being good and honest in relationships is not enough, you have to get the support of others and only then you can get the happiness as a result of that, you must understand this bigger game plan abundantly clearly

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