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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday 9 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Many changes are occurring in your personal life, happiness in home and family is appearing and you wish to devote more time towards that
Day special – Overall the factor of relationships is very vibrant, certain disagreements can also be resolved by careful planning and proper discussion
Vrish – Your motivation at this stage is very high, these positive changes are likely to give you the advantage in the long run
Do – You may be keen for looking at changes or change of place, and you are highly motivated for those factors of travel etc. at this stage
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health while trying to do all these things, there are psychological pressures on you at this stage which need to be handled with peace and patience, don’t therefore stress yourself too much as it can affect your decisions, look at the goodness and try to maintain that goodness
Mithun – Many changes are on your mind, and many factors are appearing now to provide auspiciousness in terms of prosperity
Day special – Your routine kind of expenses are uncontrolled, your travels or desires for alternatives are also causing pressures and expenses which are not good, but overall auspiciousness is intact and your work is stable in whichever work you are involved
Karka – Excellent period is appearing as the period of stress is almost over, many changes are occurring in your life which will bring you closer to your own people and bring lot of happiness
Day special – Even on matters connected with your work or abilities you are doing fine and getting success, your discussions at this stage will prove to be advantageous at this stage, but don’t lose your temper
Simha – You are becoming too firm in your mind to think about changes or major decisions, you are also thinking that luck may support you or favor you in all those decisions which you want to take at this stage
Day special – While your involvement is focused there are many factors which need to be seen, you have to plan each step as you cannot go wrong at this stage, you have to therefore take very careful decisions
Kanya – This period is shaping up to be excellent for financial prosperity, many favorable changes are occurring in your life which will prove to be advantageous
Do – Psychologically you are still not convinced or as happy as you should be, you are still somewhat worried and there is no real scope for that
Don’t – Don’t forget the need to take any decision with carefulness, especially anything connected with changes or wastefulness you will have to be very careful, don’t ignore this advice
Tula – Your commitment towards work is now increasing remarkably, you are getting the support from others also as much as you want, that kind of goodness will take you very far
Day special – Still there are certain issues with boss which need to be handled carefully, routine kind of stress and pressures need to be controlled as they can cause upsets
Vrishchik – Lot of auspiciousness is now appearing in terms of support from others, you are also thinking of many changes or far off linkages which can prove to be advantageous in the long run
Do – Your own focus is remarkable but you will have to avoid differences at your work place, keep patience and nothing adverse will happen
Don’t – Don’t forget that for work related matters you will have to depend on others, also you will have to handle your routine issues carefully and with patience, don’t ignore that work needs proper planning for its execution
Dhanu – There can be stress and pressures connected with money, even differences of opinion or conflicts can be there which can be heavy on your mind
Day special – On matters connected with health this is a period of care and concern, there can also be a recurrence of earlier issues which may crop up very soon, you will have to be prepared for that also
Makar – You are thinking of carrying some love relationship to the next level, for that reason your earlier pressures and conflicts are also continuing in your personal life
Do – Stress and problems in personal life are indicated, you will have to keep lot of patience with constant motivation and hard work as that can protect you in many ways
Don’t – Don’t forget that in all this uneasiness luck can be the supporting factor, but you cannot annoy people who are important in your sphere, don’t let that happen
Kumbh – Earlier there were apprehensions now this period is leading to pressures and conflicts, in personal life as well as in mattes where you are depending on luck, you are likely to face disagreements
Day special – Your constant involvement with others will help you at this stage, even in your work you will have to depend on others to get the advantage and goodness, that will stabilize your life in a better fashion
Meena – You are very keen to discuss your matters or convey your feelings, that will help you and support your views to resolve the conflicting matters
Do – While discussing your matters you still carry the risk of losing your temper, that can complicate the matters further and bring indirect pressures in your personal life, you have to avoid that
Don’t – Don’t forget that the overall auspiciousness of your work is continuing, you have to remove distress and dissatisfactions from your mind wherever existing so that this goodness is maintained

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