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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday 7 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Travels, changes and many options are on your mind, and you are very convinced as those options seem lucrative
Day special – There are hidden factors which can still cause stress and differences, it is better to consult others and discuss your matters, take the advice and you will be benefited
Vrish – Excellent period for financial prosperity, your abilities are abundant and they are being recognized and appreciated
Do – Financial situation is stable but you will have to protect that, you cannot risk your money and let your money get stuck
Don’t – Don’t have any dissatisfactions or confusions connected with money, that can lead to wrong decisions which can be harmful, don’t let that happen
Mithun –You are trying to destabilize yourself by thinking of changes and alternatives, even travels or major decisions are on your mind for which you are thinking seriously
Day special – As such your work related issues are stable and there is no change for change, on the matters connected with change of place or change of residence you are seriously thinking, but you will have to relate the needs and requirements of your work to take those decisions
Karka – Your efforts are remarkable to give you the success and rewards, but wastages and financial outflows are uncontrolled which stress you side by side
Do – As such there is lot of protection and lot of goodness which you carry, but you will have to protect yourself from the stress and pressures which you may have connected with your travels,
Don’t – Don’t let routine kind of issues and routine kind of outflows stress you, you will have to maintain a lot of patience and not let anyone cheat you in the process
Simha – Your work needs funds and that will have to be arranged, as such your commitment towards work is remarkable and you will be benefited
Day special – You think that your seniors, superiors or elders are not supporting you, for that reason you are being too rigid in your thoughts also which is creating problems, you will have to keep a lot of patience
Kanya – Generally stable and auspicious period, but side by side you have certain issues of hidden nature in which disagreements may still be there
Do – For the reason of these pressures you are trying to look for even changes, but you will have to remove the root cause of the problems and not run away from the scene
Don’t – Don’t forget that you will get abundant support from your own people in the process, that will further strengthen the goodness and the forces of protection which are built for you very well,
Tula – Stressful period as there are many interlinking issues which bother you, changes are not to your advantage and financial pressures can get built
Day special – As a result you may get into differences of opinion if you are not careful, even in work you will have to be careful and not get into stressful situations from your side
Vrishchik – Stress in home, family or marriage is indicated, there may be financial reasons for that which you will have to be careful
Do – Wastages or losses have to be controlled, even stressful situations at your work need to be protected
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall financial situation seems stable, but decisions connected with your funds or investments are stressful and you are not happy with it
Dhanu – There are certain stressful situations at your work, for that reason your home or personal life is also getting affected indirectly and you are in a state of disillusionment
Day special – Home and family is supportive and there is no cause for concern, but you may have to protect yourself from your apprehensions which are aggravating your uneasiness, don’t let that happen
Makar – Some love relationship can be under stress and problems, overall you are very committed in whatever you are trying to do, but still there are many issues which are not as well placed
Do – Your own efforts must be maintained especially in matters connected with work, that will remove the differences which are inbuilt at this stage indirectly
Don’t – Don’t get into any heated argument connected with financial situation, that can indirectly affect your personal relationships also to cause upsets, don’t let that happen
Kumbh – Personal life is stable and there is nothing adverse, but there are inherent and silent issues which you are not able to resolve and which create unnecessary obstacles
Day special – Financial prosperity is taking care of many things side by side, even your expenses and wastages can be handled by you without any real problems, but care is definitely needed nevertheless
Meena – Personal life is stable and there is nothing adverse, at least it is motivating you to work more and involve more
Do – Still there are indirect issues of disagreements which will have to be controlled, you will have to become mild in your attitude and not show any egoistic behavior
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust for your own people, God is kind in many ways and that is what you have to remember

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