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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday 21 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your involvement in relationships is remarkable, and it gives you motivation to move forward in life which is a further positive indication
Day special – Your overall emphasis in personal life is therefore very well placed, you are trying to help others and connect with others, this will give you the goodness in the form of rewards abundantly
Vrish – You seem to be in a fighting mood, but there are certain dissatisfactions on your mind which is leading to this negativity
Do – You seem to be taking major decisions, but you have to be careful as that may not be the right thing to do
Don’t – Don’t therefore even look for change of place or change of circumstances, look at the stability and happiness which must be maintained and which must be achieved
Mithun – Rewards are abundant but those factors are helping you to achieve more, you are trying to compete in your work but in a slightly negative manner
Day special – Positive attitude of cooperation will help you, getting into conflicts in a bid to prove yourself may go against you, you have to be careful on that
Karka – You are getting a bit angry, that is why you are creating loss for yourself,
Do – There are hidden forces which are working against you, this can lead to even financial distress for you, hence you have to be careful
Don’t – Don’t forget that your involvement in home and family can be really appreciated, that can provide the happiness which anyone must achieve under these circumstances
Simha – Enormously good period in every respect, luck is favoring you and personal life is vibrant,
Day special – There is one negativity which is not looking good, in work related situation as well as in your efforts you are not so much focused, you are only making day dreams and not doing anything concrete to convert those dreams into reality
Kanya – Stressful period in many ways, there are obstacles and there can be pressures and losses as well
Do – You have to remember that you can resolve this situation by your abilities only, and you are not working hard to prove yourself at this stage, that is where the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t therefore give too much importance to money alone, money can come but can help you only marginally, there are other factors which need to be understood side by side
Tula – Financial prosperity is indicated very well, and on top of it you are highly involved in your work whole-heartedly
Day special – Your involvement has some typical factors attached to it, you are constantly thinking about change of place or change of circumstances, you also have thoughts for your children who may be away and that is weighing very heavy on your mind
Vrishchik – Work is stable and there is no problem on that, but some differences are bound to be there which is natural,
Do – You are constantly thinking about far off places and far off linkages, you wish to improve your work to a level which may be appreciated by people far and wide
Don’t – Don’t depend too much on luck, psychologically it may disturb you and keep you distressed, the strength of your own work is remarkable and you must stay connected with that
Dhanu – Your knowledge will help you and you may have to travel to improve that situation, even for your performance you may have to go a step forward to make others understand as to what you are capable of
Day special – Certain stressful situations can still be there, they are minor issues here and there and there is nothing major, but it still requires patience to handle those factors
Makar – Money may be under pressure and family life may be a bit disturbed, but these are the realities which you will have to face at this stage with lot of patience
Do – Linkages of your work are not as strong at this moment, but you get abundant support and appreciation from your well wishers
Don’t – Don’t annoy your boss under any circumstances, even in hidden issues and factors or unexpected moments don’t show any ups and downs of your own thinking
Kumbh – Excellent period for your own abilities to work hard, for that reason your relationships will also improve as a result of this goodness
Day special – Your boss may be supportive of your involvement, even in family life there are linkages to show happiness and strength which is remarkable, all this is a divine blessing,
Meena – Weak period in many ways, you can put your money into unnecessary risk which can harm you psychologically also, you have to therefore plan your financial matters very carefully
Do – Keep yourself cool at this stage, that is important to understand to maintain the stability of your personal life intact
Don’t – Don’t forget that even in psychologically weak periods you have to remember your goal in life, by doing so you will maintain the focus which is required in weak periods, for that reason I would call it a weak period only because your mind is getting diverted

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