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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday 25 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Highly motivating period to make you work hard, but psychologically you are still stressed and dissatisfied despite all this goodness appearing
Day special – Problem of the period lies in the fact that you expect so much more from relationships, that is where the problem actually lies and you are in a state of disillusionment as to what to do, if you have to handle your affairs pragmatically then remove that uneasiness from your mind, only then your focus will appear which is required
Vrish – Financial situation is strong and that is the strength which you carry, more than anything else the care which you show for your own people will bring you the satisfaction which you require
Do – Be pleasant to others and you will be benefited, show that care for others even if you are not satisfied
Don’t – Don’t plan for any change of place or big changes if you are yourself not convinced, don’t therefore push yourself against what your heart says
Do – Stay committed in what you are doing and you will be rewarded, that will remove the dissatisfactions from your mind also at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are strong and will give you happiness, but unnecessary changes will have to be avoided at this stage
Mithun – Your self-confidence is high and will help you to achieve in life, but you will have to understand that goodness comes with constant involvement which you generally have in abundance
Day special – Your own mindset can reduce your involvement as you are getting too sensitive, that is where you have to understand that the support from others is remarkable and will help you
Karka – You are thinking of someone who is away and you are getting depressed on those thoughts, for that reason you even wish to travel to be close to your loved ones
Do – In matters connected with work the rewards are adequate, but your dissatisfactions are making you angry which needs to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that generally this is an auspicious period which will help you and protect you, but don’t be too sensitive as that cannot give you anything in return at this stage
Simha – Generally stable and auspicious period for financial inflows, your own involvement is very positive to give you those rewards which you expect
Day special – Some home or property related matters are also on your mind, but you are not very satisfied with that as you are not happy with changes which are occurring in your life
Kanya – Your efforts and involvement is not up to the mark, still you are getting the rewards abundantly at this stage
Do – If with lesser efforts you are getting so much of rewards then how much you can achieve if your efforts are increased, that is something which you will have to ponder at this stage
Don’t – Don’t think of unnecessary changes or travels as there are many hidden factors attached to it, there are stress, pressures and dissatisfactions which can lead to upsets for which you will have to be careful
Tula – Luck is favoring you and changes are pushing you to explore new areas and new path in life, for that reason financial situation is stable and happy
Day special – Still I feel that on financial savings your expectations are higher, your unplanned ways keep on causing these pressures in which your savings get depleted
Vrishchik – Routine kind of stress and pressures are evident and you are stressed, but your involvement is remarkable and that is the goodness which you carry
Do – Some amount of dissatisfactions are there on your mind which need to be controlled, in all this goodness that dissatisfaction is removing the focus which should generally be there
Don’t – Don’t be too competitive in your work, you have to understand as to what is enough and what is beyond practical expectations, don’t therefore be too optimistic which cannot be achieved
Dhanu – You have to connect with others and depend on others, that will help you in your work as well as in your overall happiness in life
Day special – Psychologically you have to stay committed and stable, by doing so you will be able to control the overall uneasiness which you tend to carry as there is no need for that
Makar – Routine kind of differences of opinion can be there at this stage, that stresses you with people who are around you and that causes pressures in your personal life
Do – Peace and patience with others will help you, especially on matters connected with money you must not show your dissatisfactions
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period is generally auspicious and stable, but don’t have any lack of trust for others as that can be detrimental to your own interest
Kumbh – In performance of your work you will have to improve your knowledge and skills, and despite this kind of focus and your abilities you are remaining depressed as your achievements are not so high
Day special – Connect with others, discuss your issues and you will be suitably rewarded, but all that will have to be done by removing negative thoughts which are carrying at this stage
Meena – Personal life issues are well within control, your happiness is intact and your goodness is a blessing
Do – Luck may not favor you wherever your expectations are too high, you have to therefore depend on your own performance and not on any lucky development at this stage
Don’t – Also don’t put your money into any kind of risk, don’t give any loan to any one at this stage as it may not come back

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