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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wednesday 23 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – The options available to you at this stage seem to be lucrative, and those alternatives are giving you many changes including change of place

Day special – Mentally you want that stability should be achieved, both the things cannot be achieved simultaneously and you will have to understand that, you may have to depend on the support of your own people at this stage

Vrish – Financial position is stable but you are worried for the unexpected events or situations, you have to protect your financial position and not let your money get stuck at this stage

Do – The stress of this period can be dissolved with your constant involvement, it will be very easy for you to handle your situation as there is nothing really adverse

Don’t – Don’t forget that some travels may be stressful and you will have to be careful, for that reason you will have to look at all the options for changes very carefully at this stage

Mithun – Work related situation is remarkable and you are using your abilities to your advantage, even your discussions or exchange of views can be advantageous for you

Day special – You wish to convey your feelings in relationships also and a lot of goodness is getting reflected, your self-confidence at this stage will help you to achieve much more

Karka – Very lucky period as your overall situation is definitely to your advantage, your involvement with your own loved ones can bring you lot of happiness

Do – While generally everything is stable there is a factor of health which needs to be cared for, especially if there has been lack of understanding or lack of diagnosis

Don’t – Don’t forget that routine kind of expenses can be high, that is where some care is needed on day to day basis to protect your situation

Simha – There can be certain obstacles and pressures for you at this stage, but largely your own decisions are such that you are taking big steps without any care

Day special – If you are involved in an activity which probes the reality to get at the root cause of situations then you will be successful, therefore this period gives you a deep insight to understand the situations of hidden nature

Kanya – You have to depend on others and support others, that is an indirect situation which can help you to attain financial prosperity which is well indicated

Do – Understand the strength of this period which is abundantly available, your own focus is remarkable and your work situation is growing

Don’t – Don’t neglect the goodness of your own people at this stage, their help and support is abundant and you will find lot of happiness in that

Tula – Differences of opinion can be there as you are being a bit egoistic, you may be right in your views but at the same time you will have to protect yourself from these pressures

Day special – Psychologically you are committed to the goodness of your work, that will provide the necessary direction to you which is both auspicious and rewarding, especially financial rewards are available

Vrishchik – Thoughts of far off situations or people who are away are on your mind, you are very happy as well as sentimental about your own loved ones especially your children

Do – Generally stable and auspicious period, even financial prosperity is stable, but routine pressures on funds are definitely there, understand that

Don’t – Don’t think too much into the extremes as that can only put pressures on you, don’t therefore spoil the goodness of this period by your own negative thinking

Dhanu – Happiness in home and family is abundantly available, but you are a bit worried about the financial requirements of this stage which will have to be met in any case

Day special – On financial matters don’t get into any discussions or differences of opinion, let the flow of things carry on which will provide the necessary goodness in the form of divine blessing, therefore have faith and you will not go wrong

Makar – This period is motivating you to work really hard especially in your work, even in relationships this period can be very supportive to convert your relationships into a long term bond

Do – Some care is still needed to handle your relationships in a peaceful manner, especially in matters connected with boss you may have to avoid any kind of stress

Don’t – Don’t forget that this period provides abundant motivation in terms of your efforts and performance, with that goodness intact you can actually attain whatever you want

Kumbh – Excellent period for financial issues, your discussions with others will be such that your viewpoint is appreciated fully

Day special – To that extent this is a stable and lucky period, but you have to avoid being too egoistic to avoid any kind of misunderstandings also

Meena – This period is giving you a lot of self-confidence, but it has to be sustained in a positive manner which may give you the necessary direction

Do – In personal relationships there are hidden problems which you are not realizing, you cannot push for your thoughts where such hidden disagreements are possibly there

Don’t – Don’t forget that in your own performance also there are issues which need to be sorted out, you will have to depend on the goodness of this period and except the fact that generally the situation is to your advantage, therefore don’t unnecessarily worry even for the pressures in relationships

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