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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 17 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have the courage to face this world and for that you are pushing yourself forward, but you must continue to have your self-confidence at this stage as that is going to help you in your performance
Day special – Students are going to be benefited with their work and achievements, your focused involvement is likely to bring you closer in your relationships also
Vrish – You will have to be careful in what you speak at this stage, especially in any discussion you will have to show your goodness to get success
Do – You are keen for some change of place, you are making efforts towards that also, for that reason some travel is also indicated
Don’t – In money matters don’t trust anyone blindly, plan properly and stick to the plans, that is important
Mithun – If you are connected with sports then you will be benefited, your performance and achievements are indicated which can take you to the heights of glory
Day special – You continue to carry some fears in your mind which are self-created thoughts of anxiety, for that reason you are shying to take the attempt for the failure of fear, that is to be avoided, you will have to involve and succeed
Karka – Stress, pressures and losses are indicated, financial situation requires lot of carefulness at this stage
Do – In your work as well as in improving your knowledge or abilities you will have to show your goodness, that will be shown as to how you speak or convey your thoughts
Don’t – Don’t annoy anyone who is important, don’t show your over-confidence in some interview, that can be disastrous
Simha – Your desire to improve your financial inflows is remarkable, as such you have to arrange funds to fulfill your needs and responsibilities
Day special – You are worried as to how this will be arranged, that is why you are a bit uneasy especially in your decisions connected with work or change
Kanya – You are a bit worried at this stage as to how you will move forward in life, for that reason you are worried for your work also
Do – The circumstances are remarkably placed to show you the path and to show you the alternatives, keep patience and you will be successful
Don’t – In your desires for moving forward don’t neglect the help and support which you may get at this stage, but you will have to remove the doubts from your mind
Tula – Generally lucky period for financial prosperity, despite apprehensions your achievements can be strong at this stage, this will lead to financial success
Day special – You will have to protect this goodness by planning small things of day to day nature, that is where the pressure lies which needs to be controlled
Vrishchik – You will have to be careful with people who are important at this stage, there can be some backbiting against you which can lead to distress
Do – To avoid the upsets you will have to constantly involve in your work, you have to show that goodness so that the problems are kept under control
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is favoring you at this stage, and more important than that your own abilities will help you to overcome the hidden obstacles
Dhanu – You are apprehensive about your supporters, partners or well wishers, for that very reason you are getting into stress with them which must be controlled
Day special – Auspiciousness will be maintained if you stick to your stability, connect with your own people and draw the strength which is abundantly available, any big moves or changes have to be postponed to avoid any differences of opinion
Makar – Health related issues are coming to focus, you can be psychologically worried for this very reason
Do – If you are connected with some research work then success may not come as easily, you may have to face stress and differences also side by side
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to protect yourself from any kind of humiliation, to achieve all this you will have to keep a lot of patience and prove your goodness by way of your strengths, and your strength lies in your performance
Kumbh – Love relationship is on your mind and you are trying to get the support of your own people, but there are many apprehensions on your mind which are causing unrest and dissatisfactions
Day special – Still this is a good period to involve with others and help others, try to ascertain the truth or as many facts as possible to avoid subsequent distress
Meena – You are carrying stress and pressures in personal life, for that reason you are even carrying conflicts in your mind which can become real unless you are careful
Do – Remember that worries can take away happiness, and those worries should be valid if at all you carry them, this is not a period to worry unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t still forget that conflicts in personal life will have to be controlled, first you have to become peaceful in your mind and only then you can clear those conflicts out of your mind

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