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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday 14 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You really want to struggle in life and to achieve in life, if you are interested in sports or outdoor activities then you have the determination
Do – You also have a desire to try your luck at far off places and far off distances, all that is looking very lucrative to you and you wish to discuss those matters also
Don’t – Somehow some dissatisfactions or lack of trust is there which is holding you back, don’t think like that as to achieve anything in life you have to control your anxieties and fears
Vrish – Financial inflows are becoming stronger, but side by side you are also inclined to risk your money or take chances
Day special – On matters connected with your eating and drinking habits you will have to be careful, also whatever you discuss or convey must be clear and without any doubts, but by doing so don’t risk your money
Mithun – Your focus towards your work or profession is remarkable, but there are certain obstacles from your own people on account of which you have to slow down or you have to hold yourself back
Do – Take your own people, your partners or your well wishers along with you, control differences in home and family as that is unfortunate
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust at this stage, that can reduce the goodness of this period which is otherwise indicated very well, don’t let your routine expenses go up to cause financial upsets
Karka – Extremely lucky period but it carries many factors of care also, you are very determined to compete with others and in that luck will favor you
Day special – There is a pattern under which your wastages are getting indicated, this is because of your divergent thoughts which you carry which includes lack of trust for others also
Simha – On one hand money is required to fulfill your responsibilities and on the other hand you are risking your money in many ways, that is where you are not peaceful in your mind and you are constantly carrying stress for yourself
Do – Your involvement in your work is remarkable but you are being too forceful and rigid at the same time, that is why you are thinking of many things at the same time and getting confused, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t forget that in love relationship there are many factors which have to be understood, there are many hidden issues which may upset you side by side,
Kanya – You will have to depend on your well wishers and partners at this stage, that will bring lot of goodness and auspiciousness in your personal life and you will be benefited in many ways
Day Special – Your work related matters are becoming highly auspicious, for that reason you are very seriously thinking about taking major steps forward, but you will have to protect yourself from wastages
Tula – In this competitive world you have an excellent desire to compete and to come out a winner, but luck is not supporting you as much as you want
Do – For that reason your own involvement is likely to give you better results, protect yourself from stressful situations with your boss
Don’t – Don’t let major changes or routine matters upset your plans, there can be many hidden factors which are causing hindrance, don’t let them spoil the goodness at this stage
Vrishchik – Some love relationship is strong on your mind, but you are worried and that is why undecided
Day special – There are many thoughts on your mind, they include your personal life as well as your work related situations, you wish to maintain stability in that at any cost and that is important also
Dhanu – Home and family is important to you and you are aware of this fact, that is why you are devoted towards others fully at this stage
Do – You still have many disagreements with your own people, for that reason there are stressful situations in your work place also which need to be cared to achieve the protection which is required
Don’t – Don’t forget that your desire to help others is remarkable, you may go out of the way to support others and that kind of philanthropic thinking can immensely benefit you
Makar – You are likely to be benefited immensely in some travel or outdoor efforts, if you are a student or trying to improve your knowledge then this period can help you because your focus is just right
Day special – There are many inherent factors which are causing stressful situations, for that reason you become disillusioned and you are becoming unhappy, you will have to protect yourself from this negativity
Kumbh – Financial position is stable and you are able to convert your money into useful savings, you are also able to discuss your matters very well and that will help you in your personal relationships as well
Do – Relationships can improve if you trust others, and that is where the weakness lies as you are not able to trust any one at this stage
Don’t – Don’t let your money get into any kind of risk, financial prosperity does not mean that you can move forward in an unplanned manner, don’t do that
Meena – This period supports you and motivates you at the same time, your own people are highly cooperative which increases your goodness in many ways
Day special – Personal life matters can be improved if you take steps in that direction, even in family situations or marital situation your efforts can bring the harmony which you desire to achieve, make an attempt and you will be rewarded

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