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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday 24 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Stress of work and money is on your mind, that is why you are feeling a bit too depressed thinking too much about all these things
Do – The goodness of this period lies in your relationships to be positive and supportive, you may have to depend on them to resolve your psychological distress also
Don’t – Don’t try to solve your issues by being too generous or by spending money for others, that may not solve the problems in the manner in which you expect
Vrish – Very auspicious period for overall goodness, but your expectations are too high and that is why you are being dissatisfied also
Day special – Looking at the overall pattern there is no need for any kind of dissatisfaction, in personal life issues you need to express your views and you will see that they will be appreciated
Mithun – While work related situation is stable there can be hidden factors of unexpected nature, that may stress you as to why you have to face these pressures at times
Do – For that reason health also needs greater care, your extreme sensitiveness creates those pressures which affect your health also
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of your own people and your well wishers, with that kind of goodness many things can be brought under control without any big problems
Karka – Some amount of stress is there in personal life which you are facing at this stage, your efforts to resolve your issues are also going against you only despite your good intentions
Day special – In matters connected with personal relationships you will have to show more patience, getting stressed or getting angry will not solve your issues at this stage
Simha – You will gain in many ways, from home property or your own people, in terms of love, care and financial rewards
Do – You will have to learn to be happy with any kind of goodness. Happiness lies in small things and small achievements
Don’t – Don’t get angry if things are not moving as per your desires, we all have to make our path as best as we can, for that differences have to be controlled also
Kanya – You are putting your abilities to good use despite your dissatisfactions, but you will have to avoid getting into differences of opinion and to avoid conflicts
Day Special – Thoughts of changes or travels which are on your mind need to be handled carefully, the stability of this period is capable of giving you everything which you deserve, then why should you be thinking about changes at this stage
Tula – Your wasteful expenses are continuing and you are realizing the pressures on account of that, your dependence on raising loans can prove to be harmful to you in the long run
Do – If you show your dissatisfactions in whatever you speak you may further stress yourself, as such others are helpful to you which must be remembered
Don’t – Don’t therefore be negative in your thinking as far as your work is concerned, you have to maintain the involvement and interest and only then you will gain from this situation
Vrishchik – Your own efforts will be rewarding, to that extent even gains from home or property are indicative to give you happiness
Day special – Work related involvement will actually please you, but you will have to avoid being too sensitive as that is taking away the happiness without any reason
Dhanu – Work is important to you and you are realizing that fact, that is why you are trying to devote yourself fully in whatever is possible and within your own hands
Do – Far off linkages are important and auspicious, but you are a bit uneasy thinking of so many things at the same time and that is where the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t therefore have too many desires on your mind, especially in personal relationships you will have to control those desires as you may not get the real satisfaction which you wish to get at this stage
Makar – Generally stable and auspicious period, but your dissatisfaction about your own people is a point of concern which is not getting resolved fully
Day special – On matters connected with money you will have to be careful, you cannot risk your money unnecessarily and then get depressed that something has gone wrong, you have to therefore protect yourself from self-created mistakes
Kumbh – You are constantly thinking about work and even trying to involve in work, but still the achievements are not as much as you want or as much as you are capable of
Do – The problem lies with lack of stability on your mind, that is why you are constantly thinking about change and that is where the stress increases
Don’t – Don’t also let too much of competitiveness make you depressed, be thankful to God for what you have achieved as that is important
Meena – You want to help others and support others, in the process you may even increase pressures for yourself at this stage
Day special – Your own goodness is abundant, your philanthropic nature will lead to improvement of your image for which you are constantly worried

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