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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunday 27 June 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Stable period for financial prosperity and getting happiness from your own loved ones, minor psychological issues and apprehensions should be avoided so that this goodness is maintained
Week special – Overall pattern shows your inclination for your own people, your family linkages and relationships for that matter are strong and giving you lot of determination to move forward
Vrish – You are getting uneasy and depressed, and possibly that is why you are trying to reverse this situation by working really hard,
Do – This positive indication is the motivation which you are getting from adverse situations, but more importantly you have to remain positive in your attitude on a constant basis to overcome these factors of depression
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is abundant goodness in terms of financial prosperity, but that also does not mean that you may risk your money in any way, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Changes are on your mind and for that matter your thoughts connected with studies are also guiding your decisions at this stage, your resolve to connect with your own people and take their guidance is remarkable
Week special – Work related situation is strong and you will be benefited, even to the extent that your associates or partners will help you to achieve this goodness, you have to avoid thinking negatively about your well wishers and supporters, you must remember that they are good people who can be the guiding force for you in your life
Karka – Extremely auspicious period for gains from investments or from property, to augment your financial position and to fulfill your needs you wish to take loans also
Do – Taking loans is easy but to repay them is difficult, you will have to therefore take very careful decisions in this regard to avoid pressures for you at a later date
Don’t – Don’t think of money all the time, money is important but cannot solve every problem, in the process you may be making your relationships weak which is not required
Simha – Your constant thoughts about changes or far off places is causing stress on you, if you are thinking of travels then it may be an essential thing, but you have to plan carefully
Week special – Relationships may be under stress because of your thoughts to move away, these are the inherent and essential pressures which you may have to face in the process, accept it as a reality
Kanya – Excellent period for overall prosperity, happiness, rewards and well being is indicated in a manner that will make you happy
Do – You have a tendency of worrying too much and that is playing its role, you are also thinking of investments for which you are worried
Don’t – Don’t forget that your work related situation is remarkable, don’t unnecessarily try to bring about changes which are not required and which may cause further upsets
Tula – Your commitment towards work is remarkable, even to the extent that your hard work is showing to give you the rewards
Week special – You have to avoid being too egoistic as it can lead to differences of opinion, patience is the key word at this stage as that can resolve many factors to your advantage
Vrishchik – Changes are on your mind and they can prove to be beneficial also, financial position is stable but you are not happy because your expectations are more and your dreams are bigger
Do – Routine kind of pressures can be there which will have to be met, you may have to involve very forcefully and in a committed manner to handle these pressures which are necessary at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own commitment towards work is remarkable, if you shed your uneasiness your focus will increase and that will provide the goodness which is required at this stage
Dhanu – Some financial issues are a point of concern, more than that it is a factor of differences connected with money which is bothering you
Week special – Psychologically you have to remain upbeat, that will provide the goodness and protection which is essential at this stage, look at the stability of your personal life which will make you happy
Makar – Excellent period as nothing can be better than this, emotions are strong and relationships are vibrant, the warmth of your own people will keep you involved and busy
Do – Travels and far off linkages are important to you, you are getting the happiness and satisfaction as a result of these forces
Don’t – Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily, you have the tendency to create pressures for yourself which is not required, try to unwind and you will be happy
Kumbh – Goodness of this period has to be sustained by careful planning, on financial matters you are able to plan well, but in personal life you are getting into differences because you want to move forward with the strength of money only
Week special – Relationships are strong and they will give you happiness, but you will have to take your own people along to get long lasting happiness in the process
Meena – Stress is there in relationships which has to be controlled, but your own efforts can actually improve your own performance and your knowledge if you devote yourself towards that
Do – Work situation is remarkable but you are uneasy, there is no reason for you to be uneasy as these are thoughts made up in your mind which are not valid
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the hidden factors, especially in your work related abilities as well as in your relationships you need to understand the views of others so that harmony is maintained

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