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Thursday, October 9, 2008

10th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

There are many obstacles in your career, you are not happy with the role of your colleagues or associates
Do – still you have to continue to support others as that only can solve the problems, you have to hide your frustrations and uneasiness
Don’t – to solve your pressures don’t try to use your money power as that may not help, money will not be able to solve any problems at this stage, don’t do that
Uneasiness in marital relations can cause upsets, even health can be a cause for concern which needs lot of care
Day special – this is a period to take the advice and support of others, don’t stick to your own views as they are very rigid at this stage
Even in relationships and also in financial matters, there are differences of opinion, that is making you stressed and worried
Do – you have to keep your thinking very stable as ups and downs will not help at this stage, you also have to keep your expenses under control
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of depression, even in some love relationship don’t create any fight from your own side
Very auspicious period generally, this will give prosperity and happiness in many ways
Day special – your inclination to be helpful to others will eventually benefit you immensely, that will help and reduce differences of opinion also
The overall prosperity in your life is dependent on your own efforts which you make towards it, by doing so you have to involve fully and completely
Do – your rewards can increase if you stop doubting the intentions of others, you have to have trust in yourself also
Don’t – don’t underestimate the strength of this period, this can actually bring enormous stability and happiness in your life, don’t reduce it because of your own pessimistic nature
Some pressure or obstacles in your financial position will be there, in fact your saving may be under pressure to remove those obstacles
Day special – in all this effort be careful that you don’t get into any legal problems, there is no point in getting into any legal conflicts as those may not help
Very stable period for financial matters as well as support from others, you will be very happy and this will lead to increase of your self confidence
Do – there is need to involve more towards others to win their hearts, that will also reduce your psychological pressures
Don’t – don’t let your routine pressures or expenses increase beyond a point, there is no need for that
You are uneasy and getting into lot of pressure, but the reasons are psychological as this is based on worries
Day special – your career and your financial position is intact, the only thing which you have to protect is your own mistakes and your psychological uneasiness, that is causing upsets in life
Auspicious period as your friends will be very supportive, even news from far off places can be beneficial
Do – all this goodness is possible because of your own strength of abilities, you are capable and committed, that is how it should be
Don’t – on account of your own thinking don’t let any ups and downs come in your professional career, that is happening because you are being a bit pessimistic, don’t let that happen
Business needs funds and that will give you professional progress like never before, even your well wishers will support you in your efforts immensely at this stage
Day special – despite all this goodness there are deficiencies from your own side, your mind is diverted and thinking of so many things at the same time, that is not required
Very auspicious period for professional prosperity, luck will help you like never before and this will make this period very auspicious
Do – protect your financial position by proper planning and careful decision making
Don’t – don’t ignore the need for stability in marital relations, even your boss needs to be handled better don’t ignore that
You are risking your money immensely, anything depending on luck can go wrong, that is something which you must remember
Day special – on one hand money is at risk and on the other hand financial disputes are increasing, both ways you have to protect yourself, but above all remaining calm is very essential

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