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Friday, October 24, 2008

25th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Two influences are emerging, your performance is increasing and that will give you professional and financial advantage, your relationships are suffering and that will cause stress in your family or married life
Day special – you have to find a balance between the two, work is important, but some love relationship can be very unfortunate
Despite being helpful to others you are causing differences of opinion, especially in marriage and with business partners this situation needs to be improved
Do – from your side you are trying to involve with family, but circumstances are becoming stressful which are not giving you any happiness
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of personal conflict as that will not help, therefore don’t cause any stress in your life
Far off linkages or travel may not give you any advantage, it is a weak area which needs to be assessed carefully
Day special – if you stay connected with your home and family then your long term advantage is ensured, that should be the basis of any decision at the moment
Very auspicious period for overall happiness in life, relationships are rewarding and family is supportive
Do – your career is stable and that is a result of your hard work, you should continue to have that focus
Don’t – don’t depend on your savings at this stage, that is not a situation which is satisfactory, hence postpone anything connected with your savings
Some differences can emerge with your home property or family members, it is a situation which can get complicated unless you keep patience
Day special – any matter which leads to your own stress or pressures should be avoided, don’t get into that at this stage
You wish to gain from travels, far off linkages or thoughts are on your mind
Do – this situation need care because you can get into differences, your far off expectations may also not work out in that manner
Don’t – therefore don’t put your money into that kind of risk, your self confidence is high and a bit rigid, don’t have that as it can lead to your own loss
Despite your focus towards money inflows are less then what you expect, one of the reasons for that is your routine pressures are more and your routine expenses are more, from your side your focus is right and that is an advantage
Day special – goodness in life is dependent on how much you strive, expecting something magically and without working for it is not desired
Your thoughts are constantly looking for changes and alternatives, you are also getting stressed on outflows and expenses
Do – from your side you have to forget everything else and devote yourself to work, that is suffering and that is not recommended
Don’t – you are coming out of confusions and weakness, but still you are worried, don’t let that happen
Some financial issues or conflicts can bother you but you have to look at the goodness which is continuing side by side
Day special – draw full happiness from your professional stability, if you shed your psychological uneasiness your happiness will actually increase
Very auspicious period as this period will give you lot of gains, but you are only thinking about stress and obstacles only
Do – if you really come to think stress and obstacles is part of life, what is important is how we plan and conduct ourselves
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, that is something which can spoil the goodness in a very hidden manner, don’t let that happen
Very auspicious period for professional prosperity, but you are not satisfied with your partners or associates
Day special – expenses outflows or losses incurred by your partners bother you, that is why you are stressed and unhappy
Weak period as there are many problems, you have improved your focus now but the rewards are slow to come by
Do – from your side you have to shed your fears and thoughts of losses, otherwise you will not be able to come out of that pressure
Don’t – don’t initiate any kind of legal dispute, that can actually increase your problems and obstacles, don’t do that

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