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Saturday, October 11, 2008

12th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your positive outlook is likely to give you success and achievements, for that reason it becomes a lucky period financially and professionally
Do – even some change can prove to be beneficial
Don’t – don’t enter into differences with friends, they can be actually helpful to you in your hour of need
Generally stable period for your career, but some seniors or superiors may cause obstacles
Day special – if it is connected with any thought with monetary compensation then you have to avoid that discussion, because that discussion can lead to obstacles
Business partnerships can be successful, even otherwise you are getting all kinds of support in your life
Do – this period is particularly favored for your improved efforts, that can make your destiny
Don’t – don’t have unstable thinking, especially with regard to marital relation don’t think negatively, that is a happy situation
Health related issues can be there, that makes you psychologically distressed
Day special – if any concern connected with ear nose or throat then take proper care, take proper treatment and don’t ignore your need for moderation in what you eat or drink
Some love relationship can be very pleasing; circumstances leading to marriage are also favored well
Do – from your side there are reasons which make you indifferent, you have to avoid that mindset
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that there can be hidden and inherent factors of opposition in love relationship, that needs to be protected
Family happiness and marital happiness is very well indicated, but psychological differences of opinion have to be controlled because you are yourself responsible for that
Day special – there are ups and downs of your own thinking, your thoughts are not stable at the moment, that can cause upsets in relationships also
You are performing to your utmost, there is no deficiency in your efforts and in your hard work, but some amount of ego is coming into your attitude
Do – you have to avoid some minor differences of opinion at this stage, that is because of your own stiff thinking
Don’t – don’t let your money get wasted, it is some kind of routine expense which is causing upsets, don’t let this convert into any loss
Financial prosperity is stable, you look upon your family for all kinds of help and support
Day special – children are a source of happiness, but you have to protect yourself from some self created loss which should not be increased now
Personal well being is ensured, family happiness is like a dream
Do – in your professional matters you need to work hard, ups and downs in that can cause harm to you only
Don’t – don’t let your commitment towards your work reduce in any way, you have to actually showcase your abilities better at this stage, don’t let that reduce in any manner
Some loss or expense is bothering you, despite your efforts you may not be able to control it fully
Day special – but this period is to devote your efforts towards your career, financial matters need to be postponed for a while till stability returns
Excellent financial prosperity for you, it can not be better and you have to gain from these forces
Do – profession is moving very well and you are likely to be rewarded for this effort
Don’t – don’t ignore the routine matters or issues connected with your boss, give due importance to that and don’t get into any arguments at this stage
You wish to achieve your professional goals now, for that you are becoming a little impatient, but the flow is smooth and there is no worry
Day special – god is kind in many ways, even boss is becoming supportive now, that is the goodness which you carry at this stage

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