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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

8th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried about your career, you know that there are weaknesses in your knowledge and skills
Do – if you know your deficiencies then you must work towards that, that is the solution to your worries and uneasiness
Don’t – don’t get into any arguments even if they are of routine nature, especially to cover your weaknesses don’t try to prove yourself right
In your relationships you are getting support from everyone, especially support is there to help you in your uneasiness
Day special – you are still worried because you are in a fighting mood, that can complicate matters and you will be yourself responsible for that, avoid that
Weak period as you are not satisfied, your own efforts can make all the difference, you have to involve and support your own well wishers at this stage
Do – first and foremost thing is to remove the uneasiness of your mind, nothing is as drastically wrong as you are thinking
Don’t – don’t think negatively about your own friends or well wishers, they are not adverse in their attitude, don’t find fault in that
You have to protect yourself from being harsh to others, especially control your temper
Day special – dissatisfactions about others can cause differences of opinion, that is leading to your being negative in your attitude, control that
Health related issues can bother you, but you are too busy and engrossed in your own world
Do – working to earn well is a good thing, but you cannot ignore your own well being for that reason
Don’t – don’t underestimate your own abilities, you have excellent abilities and knowledge to achieve and fulfill your dreams, don’t let any negativity reduce that goodness
This is a period in which you can take wrong decisions, especially connected with your career you have to take decisions with carefulness
Day special – on one hand there is uneasiness on mind, on the other hand your ups and downs of thinking is making you stressed, these are the factors which needs to be controlled
Financial pressures on you because routine expenses are high, that is causing stress in your family also
Do – keep your patience so that upsets are controlled, trust others as they are very helpful
Don’t – don’t let any negative thinking reduce your efficiency at your work place, don’t be impatient, that will not help
Gains from profession are stable, but you wish to do much more and increase your performance, that will require constant effort
Day special – generally stable period with no worries, you have to keep a positive and optimistic view
Very auspicious period as luck favors you immensely, boss can be highly supportive but you are still not convinced that every thing is taking shape to your advantage
Do – from your side you are performing well, continue to do that and leave the rest to god
Don’t – don’t be sarcastic to any one in whatever you speak, there can be nothing more unfortunate than that at this stage
Protect yourself from any differences with boss, that can reduce your professional stability which is not required
Day special – the factors of weakness are self created, you have to understand this fact and only then you will be able to protect yourself, health also needs care
Family and marital situation needs to be kept happy, difference in that can be troublesome
Do – involve well with others and don’t run away from situations, being helpful to others will solve many problems
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your boss, that is another factor which can cause differences, don’t let that situation arise out of your own negative thinking
Health of spouse is a concern, financial disputes and differences must also be avoided
Day special – this is a period to increase your care towards others, this is also a period to have patience so that differences do not emerge, give due importance to these facts

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