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Monday, October 27, 2008

28th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are being helpful to others, but you being too rigid and strong in your attitude, that may hurt others especially your partners and spouse
Do – you have to be mild in your attitude and try to understand others, otherwise your relations may get spoilt and that is not recommended
Don’t – the hidden forces are supportive and helpful, god is kind in many ways, don’t let that goodness get spoilt by any wrong action
Pressures in marriage can be painful, it can lead to conflicts and separation, you have to be careful
Day special – you are trying to resolve any kind of conflict in life, your own effort is praiseworthy, you have to improve that effort further
Pressures in financial circumstances should not spoil your relations, in some love relationship this can be the most unfortunate thing to happen
Do – from your side you are not making enough efforts, because the circumstances have become like that
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that ultimately happiness is important, for that reason don’t ignore the views of your family and well wishers
Very auspicious period generally and you will gain from these forces, avoid any investment and property at this stage as that can wait
Day special – your own abilities will lead to professional prosperity, focus has to be for career making rather than for any monetary factor, monetary issues can be postponed
Overall prosperity can help you to look forward and progress well in life, that is dependent on your own hard work which you are doing abundantly
Do – maintain this focus as from your side you are being lethargic, this attitude needs to be changed
Don’t – as such your financial positions is stable and therefore you should not depend on luck, that can lead to hidden obstacles especially in your relationships
Many obstacles can be there to spoil the overall stability and prosperity, you have to be mild in whatever you speak as that one factor can protect you
Day special – self confidence is high and career is moving in the right direction, pressures or obstacles are connected with home family and marriage, in that don’t get into any arguments
Your accumulated wealth comes to your help, you are not happy with your day to day inflows,
Do – your profession is stable to give you constant success and gains, but routine pressures are also immense which need to be controlled
Don’t – don’t create differences with partners, others are being supportive to you and you must appreciate that goodness, don’t ignore that goodness
Weak period as your health can be a concern, even in profession you have to avoid differences which can harm you
Day special – this is a period which requires utmost care and precaution, otherwise this can lead to professional upsets, avoid that
Financial pressures are immense and this is a result of your unplanned moves, you have to be more careful in handling your finances
Do – your focus has to be home family and career, all others things need to be postponed for a while as they are not required
Don’t – don’t ignore the gains and goodness from far off distant places, that can give you happiness and that can give you prosperity, don’t let it get reduced because of your own mistakes
Career is stable and business is on the path of success, gains from business and investment in business both are indicated
Day special – your partners will help you and support you, hidden obstacles are quite under control and not capable to cause any harm
Your own focus towards life will bring you the divine blessings, that will lead to your professional growth and overall prosperity
Do – you need to focus more towards your marital issues as that is a weakness which needs careful handling
Don’t – don’t let your studies get weakened as your are wasting time on that aspect, for that reason and for the purpose of career making don’t depend on luck
Weak period as your money may be stuck, even some disputes or legal fights with some government related agency can be there, you have to avoid getting into that kind of problem
Day special – don’t let the overall auspiciousness get reduced on account of any differences with others, that can be due to your own attitude of being critical towards others, change that attitude

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