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Thursday, October 16, 2008

16th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not happy with your financial position and savings, that puts pressure on your relationships with others also
Do – from your side you are supportive and caring towards others, maintain that goodness as it is required
Don’t – don’t let your family relationships and especially marital relationship get under pressure, that needs lot of protection
Health is a concern and you are not happy with this situation, you are becoming psychologically unhappy also which is making you very sensitive
Day special – this period is making you indifferent, as if you wish to run away from the situation, but that will not help
Overall relationships and some love relationship in particular is getting into conflicts, the reasons are unfortunate because you may be giving more importance to money than anything else
Do – far off distances can spoil relationships, even in your friendships you have to be more caring towards others
Don’t – don’t have any impractical expectations at this stage, your health is not supportive for that
In your career you can take up some consultants or expert’s role, that will improve your image
Day special – in relationships with others you will get support from your family and well wishers, that will make you happy to fulfill your dreams and aspirations
Your own thinking is very positive, your own hard work will lead to happiness and success for you
Do – this is a very lucky period for you, if you speak pleasantly to others then you will get a lot of help for maintaining good relations with others
Don’t – gradually some negativity is emerging and you will become lethargic in your efforts, don’t let that happen
You can convert this period to your advantage, this period motivates you to have a focused thinking towards others, family is important
Day special – career is stable and becoming better now, your dissatisfaction is connected with money, actually there is no need for any dissatisfaction
Your focus is connected with monetary gains only, but from your side you are continuing to make mistakes and not thinking rationally
Do – avoid lethargy which is gradually taking you over, involve in your work without any self created doubts on your mind
Don’t – your routine pressures and expenses are high, you are also depending too much on luck which can be harmful, don’t do that
You are constantly thinking about change or alternatives, but you have to be careful for a while to avoid any major upsets
Day special – you are worried taking any decisions, actually you have to be careful otherwise it can lead to conflicts
Financial disputes can lead to your own loss, you can gain from your well wishers as that is a supportive area
Do – health is a concern which needs care, best indication is for career which is becoming forceful
Don’t – on health and financial matters don’t let any weakness emerge, this is a period to take precautions
Financial gains are indicated well, investment in business and gains from business both are indicated
Day special – career connected with family can be considered, in that effort lot of patience is as such needed
Extremely lucky period in many ways, carer is shaping up well
Do – your own efforts need to be maintained well at this level, you are doing well and that is a blessing
Don’t – don’t annoy your boss a this stage, have patience to listen and appreciate other persons point of view also
Despite obstacles luck is now supporting you, there have been ups and downs but the undercurrent has been stable
Day special – involve more with others and speak to others, don’t become indifferent or shy in any way

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