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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

9th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You have responsibilities towards your work, you also have issues connected with home and family, you have to find a balance between the two
Day special – generally stable period, but tensions of life are always there, in this fast paced world you have to prioritize your time
Your efforts and hard work can bring in lot of auspiciousness in your life, but as a habit you tend to worry and you are not convinced with your achievements
Do – from your side you are being too rigid in your nature as well as uneasy, you have to shed the factors of stress completely
Don’t – don’t let your relationships suffer because of your own thinking, relationships have to be nurtured, don’t let them get spoilt
You are concerned about some risk to your money, but actually there is lot of protection and nothing will go wrong
Day special – just because there is lot of protection you cannot still risk your money, you have to be very careful in financial planning and not take any decisions impulsively
You want to reach out to others and to help others, this is the goodness which you carry but still this is not solving the problems
Do – from your side there is no deficiency in your focus towards life, that needs to be maintained
Don’t – don’t be critical in your attitude, don’t find fault in others, that will not solve your problems
Health related concerns can be there, because you are not taking care yourself
Day special – if there is need take another opinion, from your side don’t complicate the matters, whether it is for expenses disputes or health angle, be calm and then address those issues
You are worried for your loved ones, they may be away and that is not making you happy
Do – generally is taking you towards smooth path, financial prosperity is intact and there is nothing to worry, maintain this focus and you will be happy
Don’t – don’t ignore the pressures on your finances, they can be caused because of your own decisions taken in moments of stress, don’t let that happen
Your expectations from your own loved ones are very high, and you are dissatisfied about that,
Day special – your own self confidence is high and you are getting excellent support from others, your apprehensions are not correct and they are made up in your mind
Weak period as you are not fully convinced and happy about your own efforts, but generally the situation is stable and there is no real worry
Do – from your side you can increase your focus towards life, for that careful planning and time management may be required
Don’t – don’t ignore the factors of your health, these are basically the mistakes from your own side, don’t make those mistakes
You have to be careful about your lifestyle, whatever you eat needs moderation, any carelessness in that can lead to even health related problems
Day special – the hidden factors are such that someone may even cheat you, for that reason you have to protect your financial situation adequately
Very stable period and there is nothing to worry, except for the fact that you wish to achieve much more in life and for that you are gradually improving your own knowledge and skills also
Do – you have to shed your fears and anxieties because lead yourself created mistakes, otherwise there is no problem with you
Don’t – don’t put your money into your business at this stage, you are quite confused and undecided about it, it can be postponed for a while, don’t do that at this stage
Weak period with two major reasons, financial pressures and health related pressures, even changes or far off linkages can bother you
Day special – routine kind of pressures are very many, that make you uneasy and dissatisfied, you need to be more at peace with yourself
Some financial issues are bothering you at this stage, you are not happy with the ups and downs of attitudes of your partners also, all these can lead to financial pressures
Do – protect yourself from this thinking, be stable and calm try to understand the other persons point of view also
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that your own professional stability is immense, there will be no harm to your and no problem as such, don’t spoil that stability

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