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Saturday, October 4, 2008

5th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Don’t let your relationships suffer because you are in a foul mood, the obstacles in life are also because of your being over sensitive
Day special – this is a period to stay calm and avoid differences of opinion, even with your boss be careful
Excellent period for financial prosperity, family is supportive in what ever you wish to do,
Do – your own abilities are shining, your family may be supportive of marriage of your choice, but you are worried
Don’t – don’t ignore the stress in relationships, career is stable and there is no worry, but protect yourself from conflicts
Very stable period for overall prosperity and happiness, your worries are based on your confusions
Day special – if you stay calm then nothing adverse will happen, as such happiness is ensured, health related factors need some care
Travels or expenses can bother you, that may take away money and still you may not be happy
Do – your thoughts are hovering around financial gains only, for that you are making efforts and even planning travel
Don’t – don’t move in an unplanned manner, that can lead to psychological upsets and lack of achievements, don’t let that happen
Excellent financial situation, it motivates you further to work hard and to achieve much more
Day special – in all this goodness your career is also progressing well, this is because of your own hard work and focus that you are achieving so much at this stage
Despite overall stability you feel lot of stress and tensions, that is leading to health issues which need further care
Do – from your own side devote time towards your career, there are some ups and downs which need to be protected
Don’t – you are worried thinking that your source of income may stop, there is no need for you to think so negatively, don’t do it
Luck is supportive but routine pressures are immense, even financial pressures may emerge because expenses are uncontrolled
Day special – your self confidence is high but your professional situation is weak, you have to devote more to improve that as that is causing psychological unrest also
Financial position is stable and professional gains are making you happy, but ups and downs of thinking continue to cause pressures
Do – from your own side you have to become very careful now, every step you take must be based on logical reasoning
Don’t – confusions and uneasiness is increasing, there can be some hurt and injury also, protect yourself from that, don’t let that happen
Career is stable but you are still thinking about changes or alternatives, there are too many ups and downs in your thinking
Day special – boss is supportive and you should not be so much worried, this is a weak period, it will pass and you will be happy
Some financial differences of opinion may be there, that can lead to upsets and that needs protection
Do – your career is stable that is where your focus should be; in your profession total involvement is the key to your success
Don’t – don’t get into discussions or arguments of money connected with your profession that is not required at this stage, don’t do that
Routine pressures are many, boss is also not supportive, that is how your professional uneasiness is emerging
Day special – uneasiness has to be kept under control, otherwise it may lead to conflict if you are provoked, protect yourself from that
In marital relationship stress may be there, you are too egoistic which needs to be controlled,
Do – even in professional situation there are mild pressures, even financial pressures can bother you as the situation is weak
Don’t – don’t ignore the attitude of your boss, whether it is for support or for opposition, both may have hidden motives, don’t ignore that

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