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Thursday, October 30, 2008

30th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very auspicious period because you have tried to involve with others and that will help, situation has become favorable already
Do – protect yourself from needless changes or higher expenses, that is not required at this stage
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your spouse or partners, that is where the differences may emerge
Weak periods as financial upsets can be there, your money may be stuck and you may be put into difficulty
Day special – for that reason you may have conflicts or problems with others, if you protect yourself then most of it can be avoided
Very stable auspicious period for marital issues, but some love relationship can have differences of opinion which must be avoided
Do – only when you avoid these differences that you can move towards marriage, this will require lot of patience from your side
Don’t – don’t try to have differences on account of money, that is not required and that must be avoided
Health is a problem but you are ignoring it for a while, your eating habits are complicating the health related factors and you are not able to control that
Day special – there is some amount of lack of exercise and lack of activity, you have to remain active to protect your health, don’t eat in unplanned manner
Very stable period for students to benefit from their effort, in this effort family will help you and motivate you, but ups and downs of your own thinking spoils this situation
Do – from your side stay committed and work hard on day to day basis
Don’t – don’t have any kind of false self–confidence in you as nothing can be more unfortunate than that, that can lead to unexpected obstacles
Family happiness is stable and there is no cause for concern, your are worried for finances to some extent but your family will support you and help you in this connection
Day special – overall prosperity is indicated, your own self confidence and career stability will make you happy, but in relationships you have to speak pleasantly to others and be nice to others
The best indication is for you to involve for your personal well being and you will be happy with that situation, indirectly that will take care of your health issues also which can have some hidden linkage
Do – you have to think rationally connected with any kind of job change, you are keen but you are confused, that requires careful planning
Don’t – don’t be upset with this confusion, there is no need for any confusion or being upset as the circumstances are stable, don’t therefore cause uneasiness in your life
You are trying to be nice and pleasant to others, that will help you immensely, your own knowledge and speaking abilities will protect you in many ways
Day special – still you are a little dissatisfied and worried, there is no need for that as many things are getting under control, a little more patience will even protect your professional weakness at this stage
This period helps you to think rationally and make you happy, this period will also make your self confidence high which will take care of many issues on your mind
Do – you are on the right path of your thinking and efforts, there is nothing which is adverse except for wastage or loss
Don’t – don’t ignore your health at this stage, this may be a very subtle indications but this requires a lot of care, don’t ignore that
You are thinking of travels changes or alternatives, while thinking of change of job you are just thinking of monetary rewards
Day special – it is better to take decisions with professional excellence in mind, that is more important than monetary rewards, but as such the situation is favorable
Excellent situation for financial prosperity, you may not get support of others but that is not required also, your own focus and well being is adequate to take care
Do – luck is favoring you in many ways, your path is therefore right and there is no need for any confusion
Don’t – don’t ignore the routine matters as they are important, they seems to be be small issues but you have to give due importance to even routine matters, don’t ignore that
Some hidden worries for your continuity of your career, you think that boss can be against you or can harm you, actually there is no such reason
Day special – boss may be unfair at this stage, but not capable of harming you under any circumstances, hence have patience and be thankful to god for all the virtues which you have

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