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Monday, October 27, 2008

27th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your stiff attitude is leading to your own harm, that is giving differences and stress
Day special – indirectly the situation is harmful for family happiness, from your side you try to be supportive, but circumstances are becoming adverse and cause hindrances
Your hard work will bring lot of success to students, it can also benefit persons connected with sports
Do – this is a period for steep rise and steep success, your own focus and attitude is very supportive for success in life
Don’t – don’t try to bring about unnecessary changes in your life at this stage, especially connected with place of the stay home family or property, such a change may not help you, hence don’t do that
You are very keen to invest in some property and that is likely to give you happiness, but you must protect yourself from any thing hidden in monetary dealings
Day special – generally auspicious period for overall prosperity, professional circumstances are adding to your overall happiness
Your focus for personal well being as well as travels are indicated, you are very talented and this period supports your effort to bring further improvement to your talents
Do – changes may not help you and financial investments may not be supportive, hence precaution is required
Don’t – don’t have differences with your elders or seniors, that will not bring any happiness and that can be frustrating
Overall financial prosperity is under threat because you are not prepared to listen to others, that is not a good situation as you are yourself at fault
Day special – losses may be there because you are not taking adequate care, unless you protect yourself no one else can do that to protect you
Financial inflows will give you lot of self confidence, it is a very happy situation especially for gains from your business
Do – some of your financial prosperity and savings may be lost in unnecessary disputes, you have to protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that there are some hidden pressures on your savings and finances, your own abilities are getting reduced because of that, don’t let that happen
You are too rigid in your thinking to consider alternatives or changes in your career, the factors of decision making have to be purely professional
Day special – but unfortunately you are likely to base your decisions only on money, that can be unfortunate because that will not fulfill your expectations and desires
Very lucky period in many ways and especially for financial prosperity, luck may support you like never before
Do – in professional matters however there are too many confusions connected with your own involvement towards your work, that has to be avoided
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is very important at this stage, despite financial prosperity don’t ignore the pressures which are bothering you at the back of your mind
Psychological pressures are there for you in your career, but side by side your professional well being is also indicated well
Day special – on professional matter you are not likely to fail, success is there with you at very step, hence be optimistic
Despite pressures in your marriage luck will support you to create stability; you have to keep your mental rigidness under control to achieve that
Do – luck is favoring you in many ways; gains from profession or business are likely to be invested back in business
Don’t – don’t ignore the unfairness of your boss, despite that you may not be harmed with that situation, still don’t ignore the hidden pressures
Conflicts and frustrations are there on your mind, those are causing many pressures in your overall situations
Day special – the best indication is for your professional well being, but you cannot depend on your partners at this stage as they cannot be trustworthy
Some love relationship is getting stronger for you, even for the purpose of marriage this is a strong indication
Do – you may get family support but you yourself have to understand the hidden factors
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk in any case, that is the weakest situation at this stage which requires lot of protection

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