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Saturday, October 25, 2008

26th October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

With your own mental thinking you are creating upsets in your relationships, they can further convert into conflicts if you do not control this now
Do – in overall relationships as well as in marital relationship you have to control your forceful thinking which is negative, only then you will be able to protect your happiness in this regard
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as there is too much stress in you, because of that stress you are thinking negatively and your health is also suffering, don’t let that happen
Some family issues may get complicated and you may have to face opposition, if you are in some love relationship then the opposition of family is irritating
Day special – don’t try to ride two boats at the same time, that can be an unfortunate attempt which may not give anything
Your studies are suffering and that is something which you have to understand, your own efforts are reduced and your own focus is getting reduced
Do – from your side you are devoting your time towards your personal well being, but you have to understand the bigger need for doing well in life for which you have to involve better
Don’t – don’t let your lethargy spoil the goodness of your life, many things need to be handled forcefully in which you have to show your courage, don’t ignore that
You are very keen to invest your money in some home and property, but the decision has to be taken with care as there are many weaknesses connected with that
Day special – you have to understand the hidden forces of this period, it is better to involve towards your children or towards your gain of knowledge at this stage, thinking about money or complicating your life with thoughts about money have to be avoided
Even an auspicious period is becoming weak because of your lack of involvement; god is kind to protect you in many ways and that is a blessing
Do – your financial prosperity is intact and there is nothing to worry on that, but you cannot depend on luck on everything on day to day basis
Don’t – don’t let confusions of your thinking create stress in your friendships, this is a self created thought which has no meaning, don’t let that happen
Apparently every thing is strong and you are having lot of self confidence, but inherently this period has weaknesses as it can cause financial pressure which you may not like
Day special – despite goodness and stability this period needs greater care then what you think, hidden obstacles to cause pressures on money can cause upsets and obstacles, avoid this
Your financial inflows are not making you happy, but this is a problem with your expectations and not with reality
Do – you are meeting your needs from your savings, but the pressures on finances have to be understood by you yourself
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that the pressures are because of your own expenses, you are an impulsive spender and you spend without thinking, don’t let that happen
Career is weak and that is a problem, financial inflows are stable and there is no worry on that
Day special – to address the weakness of your career you have to shed your fears and anxieties, you are getting confused and that is leading to lack of planning
Luck is not supporting you but your own hard work can still make you destiny, psychologically you may have to be more stable on your professional front to avoid uneasiness
Do – generally stable period in many ways, financial pressures can be there but that is a reality
Don’t – don’t let your career or job weaken in any way because of your own thinking, generally every thing is stable but your thinking is making it negative which must be avoided
Some obstacles are there in your career but they are generally not aggravated to cause any upset, from your side you are creating those factors which lead to these pressures
Day special – boss can be unfair but that reality has to be accepted, luck is favoring you in many ways and that will help and support you
Marital situation is becoming weak as you are not happy with that, you are supporting your spouse and partners in any case but your expectations are not being met
Do – you have to involve with others better, psychologically you have to come out of stress
Don’t – don’t let your relationship weaken especially your marriage has to be protected, happiness is dependent on that stability, don’t let it reduce in any manner
Health issues are there because pressures are continuing, expenses may also be high, that gives problems
Day special – career is stable and there is nothing to worry, you get excellent support from others and there is no problem, that is a blessing

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